Call Of Duty Finally Getting Their Maps Fixed?

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Call of Duty Warzone has been having trouble with its maps lately. The 1984-themed Verdansky map has been exploited by players. The new Verdansky map seems to have an overwhelmingly positive reaction from players. With fans praising the new theme as it looks brighter and has several new points to play through. However, the problem of players being able to access areas inside the map that they normally shouldn’t. Places like under the stadium and airport which should be inaccessible are being used by players to camp out. This while being fun for some has become a point of frustration for others. As players who are unable to understand where the opponent is camping will be annoyed by campers. And campers will be able to enjoy killing their opponents undetected at times.

Raven Software, the developer of Warzone, has tweeted this out. Showing that they are aware of the problem and will be working on it. This was also done on Trello noting out all the spots that will be fixed. They have also shown that they have been checking the maps for these places for some time now. Players are waiting for the fix to happen as soon as possible. The Verdansky map is not the only map that seems to have this problem either. It has also been a problem in the Rebirth Island map as well.

When Will The Call Of Duty Warzone Map Be Fixed?

While Raven Software has not given any timeline as to when the bugs will be fixed. The people playing Warzone have complained about this bug for some time now and will possibly keep complaining until it is fixed. But It could possibly be some time before they actually are able to fix these maps as well. This is not the only problem that Raven Software is dealing with right now. The Hunt For Adler Event has also been having issues as well. Not only this but there had been tweets of players losing their COD points in Warzone as well. These are all issues Raven Software is dealing with right now.

While Players are hoping for a quick fix, it doesn’t seem like that will be the case. With the issues faced by Raven Software, fans can only hope that these issues will be dealt with as soon as possible. Of course until then players will have to bear with the issues and hope that Raven Software are able to fix all of these issues for good, rather than having them come back up in future patches of the game.