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Apex Legends: How A Player Lost All of His In-Game Items

Since Apex Legends’ release in February 2019, a lot of players have complained about various bugs and glitches. Some of these glitches could be ignored, while others were game-breaking. For instance, there was a bug that allowed players to fire a weapon even when they were in a downed state. Similarly, some Legends such as Octane even had bugs linked to them. And now, because of a recently discovered glitch, players are losing their in-game items.

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Apex Legends is the type of game in which you need to work really hard in order to acquire some in-game items. Some of these items can be directly purchased through the in-game store, while others can be found in Apex Packs. Out of all these items, Heirlooms are the most difficult to get. This is because some players spend months just trying to get one. However, one Apex Legends player recently lost all of his in-game items, including 7 Heirlooms.

Apex Legends New Database Glitch

The incident was confirmed through a post made by user “Vlhv” on Reddit. He made this post on behalf of his friend who was affected by the glitch. As per the post, the player was asked to sign into his EA Account on March 29th so that his account can be made more secure. However, right after he signed in, the player lost all of his in-game cosmetics and other items. He claimed that he had spent around $2,000 on all these items, which even included 6 Heirlooms for Bangalore, Wraith, Caustic, Bloodhound, Gibraltar, and Octane.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only player who has faced this issue in Apex Legends. On Reddit, a lot of players commented claiming that they face something similar some time ago. Some of them managed to get their stuff back by contacting support, while others had to work hard again to acquire their lost skins.

On April 6, Respawn Entertainment confirmed that they have identified an issue with a database shard that has been affecting the recent progression issues for PlayStation players. This was announced on their official Twitter account, in which they also mentioned that they will be restoring the progress of affected players to a backup from April 5. While the player who recently lost all of his items is yet to update his post regarding whether his items have returned or not, it is great to see that the developers are working quickly to fix the issue.

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