Apex Legends Brings A New Character To The Ring

 Apex Legends Brings A New Character To The Ring

Kairi Imahara, also known as Valkyrie, is the newest legend to be released in Apex Legends. This new character will be releasing with season 9 of the game. The 9th season of the game will be starting on May 4th, 2021. Respawn showed a trailer of Valkyrie and her abilities as well.

The trailer also shows that Valkyrie is the daughter of Apex Predator Viper. Viper is shown to have passed away with Valkyrie honoring her father by using his gear in battle. Her personality also seems to be very brash and fierce. She also has a love for flying as well. Her titan, which is something close to her father’s, also allows her to soar through the skies. Alongside this, her backstory shows that she looked up to her father Viper, who was killed by Kuben Blisk. After her father dies, she is left alone and became a smuggler by day to earn a living. When she finds out it was Kuben Blisk that killed her father, she becomes obsessed with killing him. While she does not go through with this, she does however confront him at one point in her life.

Valkyrie’s Skills And Abilities In Apex Legends

Missile Swarm:

Valkyrie has four abilities in total. Of these four ‘Missile Swarm’ is the most tactical of them. Missile swarm releases 12 missiles which not only deal damage to the enemy but also stun the enemy as well. If the missile swarm is able to hit a Legend then the first missile will deal 25 damage and all other missiles will deal 3 damage. This will equal a total of 58 damage to the enemy as well as stunning the enemy for a short while. The missile swarm needs vertical clearance to use so it needs an open air space to launch the missiles. They can not be done in spaces with a low ceiling.

VTOL Jets:

VTOL Jets is a passive ability of Valkyrie which allows Valkyrie to fly in the sky. The jetpacks can only be engaged for as long as you have fuel. The fuel bar does begin to replenish itself once you land, so not to worry, you will be able to use the jetpacks multiple times during the game. While using the jetpacks you will be unable to use any weapons, besides missile swarm. After the jetpack is released you will be able to use your weapons.

Skyward Dive:

Skyward dive is Valkyrie’s ultimate. This allows Valkyrie to fly upward and let your allies hook onto you. This can help you and your allies escape from a dangerous space or maybe attack them from above and get the drop on their enemies. While Valkyrie is skydiving, enemies will be highlighted during that time, which will allow Valkyrie and her allies to aim at their enemies at that time. Of course the ultimate needs to be charged for about 2 seconds to be able to start. During this charge time you can not let Valkyrie get hurt as this will cancel the ultimate.


Valkyrie can use this perk Recon to scan a survey beacon. This will allow Valkyrie to know the ring’s next location. You will need 7 seconds to scan a survey beacon and during this time you will be completely vulnerable. Of course, if you are able to know the next location of the ring, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and head there first.

With Apex Legends season 9 coming on May 4th, it will be interesting to see how Apex fans will react to Valkyrie as they play her character. With Fuse coming out with season 8, and the overwhelmingly positive reactions he had. Respawn is probably hoping for that same reaction to Valkyrie as well.

Ahad Lalani