Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem Officially Confirmed

 Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem Officially Confirmed

Apex Legends players are always eagerly waiting to see a new season. This is because Respawn Entertainment adds a lot of new content to the game through them. So far, since the game’s release in February 2019, the developers have introduced a total of seven seasons. Each season has brought a new Legend, weapons, cosmetic items, etc. And now, the developers have confirmed the eighth season of the game.

In the past few weeks, many leaks and rumors came to the surface regarding Apex Legends Season 8. However, we could only take them with a pinch of salt as Respawn has always warned us about leaked content sometimes not making it to the game. But now, the developers have finally decided to lift the curtains from the upcoming season.

Apex Legends Season 8

The announcement was made through the official website of EA. As per the site, Apex Legends Season 8 is called Mayhem and it will go live on February 2. This was pretty much expected considering everyone knew Season 7 will conclude on the same day.

New Legend

As leaked before, Fuse is going to be the official character for Apex Legends Season 8. As per the official description of this Legend, Fuse is the kind of guy who doesn’t lack confidence, but “he often lacks a plan.” In addition to this, as per a press release, Fuse’s entrance to Kings Canyon is going to “reshape” the map. This means that players will get to see some map changes in the upcoming season as well.

Apex Legends

New Weapon

The 30-30 Repeater is going to join the game’s list of available weapons in Apex Legends Season 8. There were many rumors and leaks in the past which claimed that the game will soon get a Winchester-style weapon. And after taking a look at this upcoming weapon, it’s safe to say that they were pointing towards this weapon. As per the official description, the 30-30 Repeater is going to use heavy bullets and is “Salvo’s most popular weapon.”

New Battle Pass

Just like the previous seasons, Apex Legends Season 8 is going to feature a Battle Pass as well. While the developers are yet to reveal the content featured in it, we do know that it will have over 100 items including Legendary skins, Apex Packs, and more.

Apex Legends Season 8 is also expected to feature the Anniversary Collection Event. We can expect the developers to talk about this event right after Season 8 goes live.

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