In February, next month, Apex Legends is going to be one year old. During the past year, the game faced many ups and downs, but still managed to become one of the top battle royale games in the world. There was a time when a lot of players were leaving Apex. Even its viewership on Twitch was decreasing. However, Respawn Entertainment managed to improve their game and attracted a lot of players towards it.

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event

Apex Legends players saw a lot of in-game events since the game’s release. The biggest ones have always been Collection Events as these events introduce a lot of things to the game. From cosmetic items to map changes, they have it all. Just recently, the developers introduced the Fight Night Collection Event which is based around Pathfinder. However, data miners have found something else in their files.

Apex Legends

After the Fight Night Collection Event went live, data miners wasted no time in digging through its files. Luckily, they managed to discover that Season 8 is going to feature the Anniversary Collection Event. This was expected considering Respawn will be planning to celebrate the anniversary with a bang.

What To Expect

Shrugtal was the data miner who managed to discover the upcoming Anniversary Collection Event for Apex Legends. For those who don’t know, Shrugtal is considered as one of the top data miners who is responsible for leaking some of the top stuff. As per the data miner, the Anniversary Collection Event is going to make some major changes to the Heirlooms. Upon completing the collection, players will be rewarded with 150 Heirloom Shards. This will basically allow players to then choose an Heirloom set of their choice.

This is pretty amazing considering a lot of players want to get their hands on an Heirloom set. And since they are rare to get, this method will help them acquire one easily. In addition to this, it’s great to see that the developers are giving Heirloom Shards instead of giving a set as this will allow players to get their desired one.

Aside from all this, players can expect to see a bunch of new cosmetic items through the anniversary event. Some of these items will be available through the in-game store while others will be acquired by completing various challenges.

Apex Legends Season 8 will go live on February 1, the day Season 7 ends. It will be exciting to see what the next season is going to feature.