Apex Legends: How To Get Gold Loot By Using MRVN’s Arm

 Apex Legends: How To Get Gold Loot By Using MRVN’s Arm

Apex Legends players can choose from different ways to get their hands on some amazing loot. The most common method is by searching different buildings. Other methods include looting the death boxes of eliminated enemies and finding care packages. But now, the developers have introduced another fun way to acquire loot. And not just any loot, we’re talking about gold loot.

Apex Legends Latest Collection Event

Recently, Respawn Entertainment introduced a brand new collection event in the game called Fight Night. This event is for a Pathfinder and just like the previous collection events, it offers a Town Takeover for him. Players also got to see a plethora of new content thanks to it, such as new skins and other cosmetic items. However, it has also introduced a new way for players to get their hands on some gold loot.

If you have played Apex Legends after the event update, then you must have already noticed the MRVNs that are standing at different locations. These robots aren’t just standing there for nothing as they will provide you with different types of loot. Once you get near a MRVN, you will be able to tell the type of loot you’ll get thanks to the face that will appear on its screen. A white face means common loot, a blue face means rare, a purple face means epic, and a yellow face means gold loot.

How To Get Gold Loot

Now, you can simply accept whatever loot the MRVN gives you and be on your way. But, if you’re not satisfied with the loot you got, then you can simply kill the MRVN and take the arm. What you need to do is pick up the MRVN’s arm from the ground after eliminating him and carry it around until you find another one. Once this happens, give the arm to the other MRVN and he will give you some gold loot.

The most amazing part is that you can repeat this process as many times as you like during a match. However, you will need to be quick with this as once a MRVN has been used, he will simply power down. This means that you must carry the arm to another MRVN before someone else uses him.

This was how you can get some gold loot by using MRVN’s arm in Apex Legends. It might seem brutal to take down such an innocent looking robot, but the loot you get for this ultimate sacrifice is totally worth it.

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