Apex Legends Error Code 100: How To Fix It

 Apex Legends Error Code 100: How To Fix It

Since its release, Apex Legends players have complained about facing various errors while playing the battle royale. Some of these errors only disconnected them from the server, while others prevented them from even entering the lobby. While Respawn has managed to fix a lot of them, there are still some present in the game that are ruining the experience of many players. One of these errors is the Error Code 100.

Apex Legends Error Code 100

If you’ve been playing Apex Legends since early 2020, then you might have already faced the Error Code 100 at least once. If you haven’t, then you should know that this error basically revolves around players being unable to sign in to their EA account. This is becoming a big problem for many players as no matter how much they try, they just can’t enter the game. The worst part is that the developers are yet to acknowledge this error and provide details on when they’ll release a fix for it.

Apex Legends

Seeing that the developers aren’t planning to fix this error soon, players have decided to come up with their own ways to fix it. While the fix will be temporary, it is still better than not having anything.

Error Code 100 Fix For PC

Apex Legends PC players can fix the Error Code 100 by opening the command box, which you can do by pressing Win + R keys together. From there, type in ncpa.cpl, something that will take you to Network Connections. Now head to the internet connection you’re using, right-click it, select properties, find Internet Protocol Version 4, and select its properties. Afterward, select “Use the following DNS Server Addresses” and type in in the Preferred DNS Server and in the Alternate DNS Server. Once done, restart your PC and launch Apex.

Error Code 100 Fix For Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S

If you’re on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S, then you need to go to Settings > Network > Advanced Settings > DNS Settings. From there, change the DNS Settings to for Primary DNS and for Secondary DNS. Save the settings and restart the game.

Error Code 100 Fix For PS4 or PS5

If you’re on the PS4 or PS5, then you need to go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Select Wifi or LAN Cable (whatever connection you use). Once you do this, select custom and set the settings to the following:

  • IP Address Settings: Automatic
  • DHCP Host Name: Do Not Specify
  • DNS Settings: Manual
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
  • MTU Settings: Automatic
  • Proxy Server: Do Not Use

This was how you can fix Apex Legends Error Code 100 on the PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. Apex Legends Season 8 is also just around the corner, so make sure to get your things sorted out before it.

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