Warzone: When Will You See Attack Helicopters Again?

 Warzone: When Will You See Attack Helicopters Again?

Warzone players recently got the chance to experience the game in a new way. The game got merged with Black Ops Cold War and received its first Season. This changed everything as Season 1 introduced a plethora of new content, including new weapons, operators, and a brand new map called Rebirth Island. It also introduced Attack Helicopters for the first time in the battle royale, but they were later removed.

Attack Helicopters in Warzone

Attack Helicopters are the same as the regular ones. The only difference is that they have a minigun attached on both sides that players can use to bring death from above. Everyone was excited for their addition as they gave a new meaning to the battle royale. However, as it has happened in the past with other things, there was a bug linked to them.


Right after Season 1 update went live, players started reporting a bug that allowed them to become invisible while inside the Attack Helicopters. And as you can judge yourself, this allowed them to secure easily kills. The issue became so big that the developers had to remove the Attack Helicopters from Warzone. Raven took it to Twitter where they confirmed that the newest vehicle has been temporarily disabled from both Warzone maps, and will return once the issue has been fixed. They also clarified that this has been done due to the bug that allowed players to become invisible.

While some of you might be disheartened because of their removal, the developers took the right step. This is because players who could trigger the bug were gaining an advantage over others, something that goes against the rules. No one likes to get killed by an invisible enemy especially when they’re on a killing spree. Therefore, it was wise of the developers to temporarily disable them from the game.

When Will They Return?

At the moment, the developers are yet to reveal when the Attack Helicopters will make a return in Warzone. While it is yet to be confirmed, we can expect their return in an update that will go live today. The developers usually release new Warzone updates on Tuesdays, and this one might bring a fix for them. If this doesn’t happen, we can still expect them to return soon considering the developers wouldn’t want players to miss out on the fun for long. Once that happens, we’ll make sure to update you.

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