Warzone “Ural Mountains” Map Might Be In Works

 Warzone “Ural Mountains” Map Might Be In Works

Since Warzone’s release, players have requested only one thing; a new map. Verdansk has remained the main map of the game since March, and we recently got to see a new map as well. However, fans aren’t that satisfied with the new map and are hoping to see a new one soon. But they might not have to wait for long as a third map is rumored to be in the works.

After Warzone got merged with Black Ops Cold War, it received its Season 1 update. This update changed the battle royale experience as it introduced a new map called Rebirth Island. This map is small compared to Verdansk but offers more action. However, a lot of players are not satisfied with it because of its size. As per them, they are more fond of playing in a big environment just like Verdansk.

Warzone Ural Mountains Map

While the developers are yet to talk about when they’ll release the third map, rumors are that they are already working on one. It is believed the next Warzone map will be based on two of Back Ops Cold War’s Fireteam: Dirty Bomb maps called Alpine and Ruka. This can be true considering both maps are large in size and can become a perfect arena for Warzone if combined together.


Data miners were able to discover a code “wz_forest” in Ruka’s files, and “wz_ski_slopes” in Alpine’s files. This further confirms that the developers are indeed planning something big for the battle royale. At the moment, it is yet to be known whether the developers have just started working on this map or if it has been in development for quite some time.

When Will It Arrive?

One thing to keep in mind here is that these are just rumors and you should take them with a pinch of salt. Various developers have always warned us about not completely relying on leaked information as sometimes, the things are in development never make it to the final stage. However, if the rumor turns out to be true, then we will be seeing this new map in March 2021. Warzone will be celebrating its one year anniversary in the same month, and a new map would be a perfect way to celebrate it.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the new map of Warzone called Rebirth Island. This location is filled with some amazing POIs, and we recently talked about the best landing spots in it.

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