Warzone Season 1 Is Here: New Map and More

 Warzone Season 1 Is Here: New Map and More

Call of Duty: Warzone players will be excited to know that the first season of the game has finally arrived. Previously, the game was linked to Modern Warfare where it had a total of six seasons. After the release of Black Ops Cold War, the game has made a shift to the latest entry in the Call of Duty series, and will now continue its journey from here.

Warzone Season 1

Everyone was excited to see how Warzone will look like once it gets ported to Black Ops Cold War. The biggest thing everyone was hoping to see was a new map. And now, Treyarch has released Warzone Season 1, which has indeed brought a new map for players.

Along with a new map, the first season has also introduced three new operators, a new game mode, and major changes to the Gulag. So without any further due, let’s take a look at everything that has arrived with Warzone Season 1.

Rebirth Island

To begin with, Warzone Season 1 has brought a new map for players called Rebirth Island. That’s right, this is easily the biggest addition to the game. As per the official description, Rebirth Island was once an illicit Soviet, which was shut down in 1968 by the CIA. Later on, in 1984, Vikhor Kuzmin decided to restore the base to test out the Nova 6 gas.

The best part is that Vikhor Kuzmin is one of the operators that players can unlock in Warzone Season 1. In addition to this, while talking about Rebirth Island, the developers have confirmed that it will offer intense action as players will experience close-quarter combat more often. The new map is filled with some amazing locations, so make sure to explore all of them as soon as you can.

New Game Mode

Aside from a new map, there is a new game mode called “Resurgence.” This new game mode is really exciting as it makes the battle royale experience more challenging.

First of all, the Gulag is disabled in this mode and you won’t get the chance to fight for survival. However, once the Rebirth Countdown hits zero, then all the dead teammates of every existing squad will come back to life to fight one more time. The most interesting thing about this new mode is that once you kill an enemy player, you’ll instantly see where his other teammates are. This will make it easier for you to hunt them down.

Changes to The Gulag

The Gulag has also received some major changes thanks to the Season 1 update. To begin with, the biggest change is the new area that is similar to Nuketown. There are parked busses, trucks, and homes in this area, and the last player standing will be sent back to Verdansk to fight one more time. IN addition to this, the developers have also added a new Gulag area for Rebirth Island. This new area is a prison block located deep below the surface. Just like the other Gulag, players get sent to the middle where they fight each other for another chance.


New Vehicle

Warzone Season 1 has brought a new vehicle to the game, the Attack Helicopter. This one is similar to the regular helicopter found in the game, but this time, it has miniguns attached to both sides. That’s right, you can now use the helicopter to bring death to your enemies from above. If used properly, this new vehicle can help you take down entire squads within seconds. But you will need to be careful about the rockets that will be fired towards you from the roofs.

Three New Operators

Finally, there are three new operators for players to unlock in Season 1. However, all three operators will arrive at a different time. The first operator is Vikhor “Stich” Kuzmin who is already available, while the second and third operators, Song and Vargas, will become available during mid-season. The developers have also confirmed that Warzone players will get the chance to enjoy all Black Ops Cold War operators.

These were the things Warzone Season 1 has introduced to the game. The developers will most likely add more content to it as we progress through the season. In the meantime, make sure to check out how you can level up your weapons quickly in Black Ops Cold War.

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