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Warzone Black Ops Cold War Version – What We Want To See

Call of Duty: Warzone instantly became popular shortly after its release. Everyone knew it was going to be a success considering a Call of Duty never fails to reach the heights. It has been eight months since it was released, and millions of players are jumping into it everything. The game was linked to Modern Warfare, and will now make a shift to Black Ops Cold War.

At the moment, Warzone players are eagerly waiting for Warzone to get integrated into Black Ops Cold War. While we currently don’t know a lot of details about what this version is going to feature, Activision did mention some stuff. As per the publisher, players will get to see new weapons, a revamped progression system, and a classified Warzone experience.

Warzone Black Ops Cold War Version

Season 6 will officially come to an end soon, meaning that the shift is going to happen soon. So without any further due, let’s talk about a few things we would like to see in the Black Ops Cold War version of Warzone.

New Map

To begin with, a new map is something every player is hoping to see. We have been enjoying Verdansk since Warzone’s release, and the developers failed to add a new map over the past eight months. In fact, they didn’t even make any major map changes that would’ve given it a fresh look. However, it’s about time the developers introduce something new. Otherwise, players will feel as if they’re playing the older version.


At the moment, it is yet to be revealed whether the developers are going to introduce a new map or make changes to the already existing map. If they decide to make changes, then we will most likely get to see brand new locations throughout Verdansk. But if we look at the Season 1 roadmap of Black Ops Cold War, there seems to be a new map called Rebirth Island.

Improved Battlepass

Warzone has managed to make a lot of money thanks to its Battlepass. So it’s going to be no surprise if we get to see them after the integration. For those who don’t know, a Battlepass is something that provides players with certain rewards at every level. These rewards include cosmetic items, weapons, and much more. However, this time, we’d like to see an improved version of the Battlepass that offers more rewards and isn’t that challenging. Other than this, the developers should also consider adding some new operators in the integration.

New Cosmetic Items

Warzone players have always enjoyed customizing their weapons and operators using different cosmetic items. While some of these cosmetic items can only be unlocked by paying for them, there exist many that can be acquired for free through various methods. And now, we expect the same to happen in the Black Ops Cold War version of Warzone. In fact, the developers should consider adding more free skins compared to what we have right now. This will give players who can’t afford paid skins the luxury to customize their operators and weapons in a much better way.

Less Cheating

Cheating is easily the biggest problem of Warzone. Almost every player has encountered a cheater at least once in the previous eight months. In fact, some top streamers and players also became a target of hackers, such as Nadeshot and Ninja. These cheaters and hackers basically use third-party software to gain an advantage over other players. They can see through walls, land all of their shots accurately, and do much more.


Since the issue has always remained big in this version of Warzone, the developers should do something about it before it ruins the next one as well. The developers have introduced various methods through which they tried to counter cheaters, but they have failed to put an end to them. Maybe this time, they need to come up with a better anti-cheat system and harsher punishment. This is the only way they can put an end to such players.

These were some things we would like to see in the upcoming version of Warzone. Considering Season 6 is about to end, we will get to see the integration soon. Until then, make sure to practice as much as possible so that you’re fully prepared for what’s to come.

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