Fortnite – How To Acquire Mythic AR and Rocket Launcher


Fortnite players get to enjoy a variety of new items from time to time. Epic Games is pretty amazing when it comes to introducing new content. For instance, we have seen different in-game events such as the Marvel Crossover, John Wick Crossover, and a number of more. All of these events have introduced new items to the game and have even made various map changes.

Recently, Fortnite players got to see something that they had never experienced before. The Mandalorian basically arrived in the land of Fortnite, and everything has changed since then. There are different things that are now pretty difficult to find, and some things are impossible to get. In Chapter 2, we are even seeing a shortage of Rocket Launchers.

Rocket Launchers in Fortnite

Rocket Launchers have always been a fan favorite weapon in Fortnite, with some even asking Epic Games to remove it as it’s overpowered. But despite the outcry, the developers have still kept it in the game as the majority of players are in favor of it. Recently, since the start of Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2, players noticed that the Rocket Launchers cannot be found easily on the map. However, there is a way through which you can get your hand on one.


Since the arrival of The Mandalorian, there are various NPC characters present on the map. These characters have different types of loot in their hands, with some even carrying Mythic Weapons. What some of you don’t know is that there is an NPC character called Ruckus who is not only carrying a Rocket Launcher, but also a Mythic AR. Here’s how you can find him.

How To Find Ruckus

What you need to do is drop a Slurpy Swamp from the Battle Bus and then make your way to a small compound located east of where you landed. To make things easier, it is right on the waterfront. Once you’ve reached this location, it’s time for you to take down Rucuks. Once done, he’ll drop a Rocket Launcher and the Mythic Assault Rifle.


The only thing you need to keep in mind that since Ruckus is an NPC character, he will have more health. In addition to this, he won’t hold back from taking you down as well, so make sure you’re prepared for a fight. Also, keep in mind that other enemy players might also be thinking about paying Ruckus a visit in that match, so keep an eye out for them too.

This was how you can get your hands on the Rocket Launcher and Mythic Assault Rifle in Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2.