Cyberpunk 2077 was easily one of the most anticipated video games of all time. CD Projekt Red had been working on it for more than eight years, and everyone was excited to see what it is going to be. The game was finally released a few weeks ago, on December 10. However, while everyone was expecting it to be as good as The Witcher 3, it ended up becoming a nightmare for many.

Problems with Cyberpunk 2077

Shortly after Cyberpunk 2077’s release, a lot of players started complaining about performance issues. Even those with powerful gaming rigs were unable to run the game smoothly, and those who could were constantly encountering various bugs and glitches. The developers were quick to release a set of updates within days, which did fix various things. However, the Xbox One and PS4 version remained badly optimized, with the game performing poorly on them.

Cyberpunk 2077

While the game has managed to achieve a decent state on PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions are unplayable. Both versions received negative reviews, with many criticizing the developers for the number of bugs and crashes. The issue became so big that Sony decided to remove the game from the PlayStation Store on December 17 until the game is fixed. And now, a class action lawsuit has been filed against CD Projekt Red over Cyberpunk 2077’s failure.

The Lawsuit

The lawsuit is being led by Rosen Law Firm and as per them, it has been filed because of the recent issues that have come to the surface regarding CD Projekt’s latest game. The lawsuit mentions that the developers previously didn’t mention anywhere that the game was unplayable on Xbox One and PS4, and this has resulted in refunds. Furthermore, it also states that the investors have suffered damages because CD Projekt Red made false and misleading statements about their game.

As per Daniel Ahmad, who is a Senior Analyst for Niko Partners, the Rosen Law Firm is one of the four firms planning to file a lawsuit against CDPR. This means that we will be seeing more lawsuits in the coming days. Details about these lawsuits are yet to come to the surface, but we’ll update you once we have them. In addition to this, CD Projekt Red is yet to comment on this matter and how they are planning to handle the situation.