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Call of Duty Mobile Devs Cancel World Championship 2020 Finals

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every industry since it started. As for esports, it has been badly affected as well. Since the start of this year, almost every small and big tournament has been either delayed or canceled. This is because the organizers are keeping the health and security of everyone a priority. E3, one of the biggest gaming events, was also canceled because of the same reason. And now, the latest victim of the pandemic is the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship.

Call of Duty Mobile World Championship Finals 2020 Update

During the previous months, we saw a series of different tournaments in eight regions for Call of Duty Mobile. Top teams from all over the world participated in these events with the hope to reach the Grand Finals. The teams that did manage to reach the top in their respective regions were preparing to face off against each other in the Grand Finals. However, the event has now been canceled due to the pandemic.

The announcement was made by the developers on the official Twitter account of Call of Duty Mobile. In it, the devs claimed that they are putting the health and well-being of their players first, which is why the Stage 5 Grand Finals of the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship “will not take place.”

The World Championship had a prize pool of $750,000, which was meant to be distributed after the Grand Finals. However, now that the event has been canceled, the developers are now going to distribute it evenly across all those who were meant to participate in the finals. In other words, everyone will get around $94,000 for all they achieved so far.

What’s Next?

While it’s disheartening to see such a major event getting canceled, the developers did the right thing. At the time of writing, the Coronavirus pandemic has taken the lives of more than one and a half million people all across the world, with the death toll rising every day. Although a vaccine has been finally developed, it will take some time for it gets distributed globally.

Call of Duty Mobile

At the end of the announcement, the developers did mention that they will be sharing their future plans soon. This means that once the situation gets better, we will get to see new events. Maybe the developers might decide to host some online tournaments until that happens. All we can do is wait and see what they have in mind for us.

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