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Black Ops Cold War – Three Of The Best Perks

Perks in Black Ops Cold War are one of the many things through which you can further improve your gameplay. They basically serve as abilities, and you can equip a number of them at the same time. Some of these perks are really useful, while others are just okay.

Best Black Ops Cold War Perks

The thing about perks is that each one offers a different type of benefit. However, choosing the wrong one can result in poor gameplay. Therefore, it is important to know which ones are good and which ones are a big no. Today, we are going to share three perks that we think are the most amazing ones in Black Ops Cold War.

Gear Heard

Field upgrades in Black Ops Cold War play a really important role in the multiplayer mode, especially when you’re trying to get your hands on the SAM Turret. And if you’re someone who’s looking for a way to reduce the field upgrade cool down, then the Gear Heard perk is what you’re looking for. This will not only reduce the time but will also store up to two field upgrade charges. In short, it’s worth a try.

Black Ops Cold War


Ghost is my personal favorite perk. Imagine you’re wandering around the map like an elite spy without letting anyone know about your movement and suddenly, a Spy Plane appears out of nowhere. It will get frustrating right? Well, if you have the Ghost perk equipped, then you will become undetectable by the enemy Spy Planes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking down enemies silently or planting a bomb, your position will not be given away.


In games like Black Ops Cold War, you always need to look out for enemy players as they might be pointing their weapons at you. This is where the Paranoia perk comes in. This perk will basically alert you if there is an enemy aiming towards you. And the best part is that it will make your vision pulse if that enemy is not in your view. But this perk should only be used if you don’t move a lot. For instance, if you’re a fan of using snipers and taking your enemies down from a distance from the same spot, then it will serve you well. But if you’re constantly moving, then there is no need for you to equip this perk.

These were the three most amazing perks in the game. Make sure to try out other perks as well because you might find them better than these ones. Also, make sure to check out how you can level up faster in Black Ops Cold War.

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