Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Content – Weapons and More

 Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Content – Weapons and More

Both Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone received the Season 1 update recently. Warzone ended up getting a lot of content in the first season, which you can check out here. As for Black Ops Cold War, it has received a plethora of new content as well.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 – New Maps

To begin with, Black Ops Cold War players can enjoy eight new maps after downloading the Season 1 update. That’s right, there are eight new arenas for you to test your skills out. Four maps called Game Show, ICBM, KGB, and U-Bahn have been made entirely for the Gunfight mode that has been introduced this season. In addition to this, the developers have also introduced two fan-favorite 6v6 maps, Raid and Nuketown 84′ Holiday. Another map called Sanatorium has been added for Fireteam that focuses on a hotel.

New Operators

It is always great to see new Operators getting added to the game. As for Black Ops Cold War players, they have gotten a total of three new ones. These include Stich, Bulldozer, and Zenya. While Stich is currently available in the game, the other two will arrive sometime during the middle of Season 1.

Black Ops Cold War

New Weapons

The first season has also brought a total of five new weapons to Black Ops Cold War. The best part is that the developers have added different types of weapons’ for everyone to enjoy. We have the MAC 10 SMG that is absolutely deadly at close range. In addition to this, the Groza AR has finally arrived. You can check out our guide on how you can unlock these two weapons quickly.

Aside from these two, there is a new Shotgun called Streetsweeper and as its name suggests, it can help you clean sweep the entire map if used correctly. The remaining two weapons are melees, which include a Sledgehammer and the Wakizashi.

New Game Modes

Finally, Black Ops Cold War Season 1 has brought six new game modes. These include Prop Hunt, Gunfight, Combined Arms: Hardpoint, Dropkick, Cranked, and Jingle Hells. The first four modes are for the regular section of the game, while the last two are for Zombies. Some of these modes are also based on the ongoing Holiday Season.

This is all that Black Ops Cold War Season 1 has brought to the game. It is yet to be known whether the developers will be adding more content to the game in this season or not. If they do, we’ll make sure to let you know.

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