Apex Legends Winter Express – Which Legend Should You Choose?

 Apex Legends Winter Express – Which Legend Should You Choose?

Respawn Entertainment is celebrating the Holiday Season with the Holo-Day Bash event in Apex Legends. This mode was first seen last year in December, and this year’s event is no different than the last one. The Winter Express LTM mode has also made a return, but it has some changes to it this time.

Apex Legends Winter Express LTM

For those who don’t know, Winter Express LTM is one of the most popular Limited Time Modes of Apex Legends. In it, you and your team must take control of a train that is moving around in World’s Edge. The interesting part is that you are launched into the map with a preset loadout, and there isn’t any loot present on the map. Though you can find some attachments and ammo after eliminating an enemy player.

Apex Legends

The Winter Express LTM is fun and all, but you will need to get serious if you’re thinking about winning this mode. For this reason, you must pick the right Legend that can benefit you in every possible way. While some Legends are really useful in the standard Battle Royale mode, they are useless in the Winter Express LTM. Lifeline is the biggest example of this as her healing abilities are of no use in this mode.

Best Legends To Use in Winter Express LTM

To begin with, Caustic is the best choice for the Winter Express LTM. This is because he can help you with creating powerful traps on the train. We all know how deadly Caustic’s Nox Gas can be, and it can become hell for enemy squads if they get caught in it inside the train. Just like Caustic, Wattson is also a good choice as she too possesses the power to create unique traps.

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If you’re not a fan of these two, then you can go with Rampart as well. This is because if her Amped Cover is placed at the right spot on the map, your enemies won’t be able to take you down. Wraith and Crypto are also a good option for this mode. Wraith can use her portal to create a quick escape route on the train, while Crypto can scan for his enemies.

These were the best Legends to use in the Winter Express LTM in Apex Legends. Keep in mind that the choice varies from player to player, and you might find some other Legends better than these ones. If you’re currently struggling to get a win in this new LTM, then make sure to check out some tips we shared regarding it.

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