Apex Legends Season 9 Will Feature “Unexpected” Things

 Apex Legends Season 9 Will Feature “Unexpected” Things

Respawn Entertainment is always trying out new ways to make Apex Legends even better. Since the game’s release in February last year, the developers have released a total of seven new seasons. Each season has brought a plethora of new content to the game such as new Legends, with some even introducing a new map. And now, the developers recently talked about how Season 9 is going to leave everyone surprised.

The ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic has put everyone into a work from home situation. Companies all over the world have advised their employees to work from their homes instead of coming to the offices to prevent the disease from spreading. Respawn Entertainment also followed the same guidelines. And surprisingly, despite working from home, the team managed to launch two new seasons and work on around four more.

Apex Legends Season 9 Update

Recently, Apex Legends’ game director Chad Grenier sat down with IGN and talked about how things have been going on for them and what they have been working on lately. After talking about their work from home situation and all the things they have managed to achieve during it, Grenier left everyone excited after talking about Season 8 and 9.

As per the game director, Season 8 is “shaping up to be amazing” and that all of it has been done working from home. He then talked about Season 9 where he mentioned that the ninth season is going to be really amazing and that players will get to see major things in it that they won’t expect to.

What Can We Expect To See?

While we are yet to find out what these major changes could be, Grenier might be talking about PVE style modes. This is because these modes were leaked a few weeks after the game’s release, and players have been waiting for them to arrive since then. Such modes would allow players to take a break from the battle royale mode and try out something new. Aside from this, the game director might be pointing towards a full-length campaign, another thing that is on the request list.

It is great to see that the developers are working at full pace despite the work from home environment. The seventh season is currently scheduled to end on February 1, with Apex Legends Season 8 expected to go live on the same day or the next one. The game director also confirmed that Season 10 and 11 are also in development, so the developers have everything sorted out for the next four seasons at least.

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