Apex Legends Season 8 To Introduce An Even Bigger Quest

 Apex Legends Season 8 To Introduce An Even Bigger Quest

Apex Legends developers are always looking for ways to make the game even more interesting. They usually do this through a new Season which adds a plethora of new content to the game, such as new weapons, Legends, maps, cosmetic items, and more. However, Season 5 was a little different as it introduced The Broken Ghost Quest to the game. And now, it seems like the developers are planning something even bigger this time.

Apex Legends Broken Ghost Quest

The Broken Ghost Quest of Season 5 was well received by players. For the first time, players got the chance to take a break from the battle royale and jump into a series of story missions. Although it wasn’t a full-fledged campaign, the missions were still fun and allowed players to pick up various pieces of a puzzle that turned out to be something interesting at the end.

Apex Legends

Season 6 and 7, however, didn’t introduce something similar to the quest. This disappointed a lot of players as they didn’t get to see another one. Instead of introducing PVE-focused missions, the developers decided to move forward with the storyline through in-game comics that arrive every week. But while the previous two seasons failed to meet the expectations, Season 8 is going to change everything.

Update On The Next Major Quest

Recently, the Senior Writer at Respawn Entertainment for Apex Legends, Tom Casiello decided to give fans a major update regarding the next quest. On Twitter, the writer mentioned that he is currently spending his “Xmas break writing the biggest quest since S5’s Broken Ghost.” He further added that the quest is “so big we need every Legend involved again.”

While the writer failed to talk about what the story is going to be, it is safe to say that it will be better than the one we saw in Season 5. And considering it is going to be bigger than it, the developers will most likely return to PVE-focused missions. This will once again allow players to take a break from the battle royale and jump into some story missions to explore the story in a much better way.

Apex Legends Season 8 is currently expected to get released on February 1. This is because the ongoing Season 7 is going to conclude on that day. However, a delay can happen if the developers fail to complete it within the given time. In any case, it will be exciting to see what the next season is going to feature.

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