Apex Legends Season 8 Expected Start Date, What To Expect

 Apex Legends Season 8 Expected Start Date, What To Expect

Apex Legends Season 7 was well received by players. This was mainly because of the fact that it introduced a new map. Olympus has turned out to be something that has kept players attached to the game. The new map allowed us all to experience Apex in a new way. And now, the seventh season will soon come to an end, meaning that it’s time to prepare for another season.

Season 8 Expected Content

With Season 7 being able to fulfill expectations, players are expecting the same from Apex Legends Season 8. Although we cannot expect to see a new map in the next season as something like this won’t arrive until the next three seasons, we can still hope to see new content such as Legends, map changes, and more. While there might be more than one month left till the seventh season concludes, every player is eagerly waiting for it to arrive.

At the moment, Respawn is yet to talk about who the next Legend is going to be. They have a habit of providing various in-game teasers a few days before a new season through which they build up hype for them. While the developers are yet to reveal the same, most leaks and rumors point towards either Ash, Valk, or Blisk being the next Legend. However, we will still need to wait a few more weeks to see the character of Apex Legends Season 8.

Apex Legends

Aside from a new Legend, Respawn will most likely introduce various other things as well in Season 8. Earlier, it was reported that the developers are working on a bow and a new rifle. While they didn’t talk about when they’ll arrive in the game, we might get to see them in the next season. Other than that, Olympus is also expected to receive its first set of changes in the upcoming season.

Apex Legends Season 8 Release Date

Apex Legends Season 7 is currently scheduled to end on February 1. This means that Season 8 will most likely go live on the day after it. It is important to remember that a delay can happen if Respawn fails to finalize the new season by that time. In addition to this, Respawn will be celebrating Apex Legends’ 2nd anniversary on February 4. It is yet to be known whether they are planning to celebrate it in the current season, or in the new one.

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