Warzone is one of the top battle royale games in the world. Thousands of players log into it every day to find out whose better. If you’re someone who has just started playing Warzone, then there are some things you must-do if you want to stay ahead of everyone. One of these things is improving your aim.

Warzone Tips for Improving Aim

The thing about Warzone is that it allows players to choose from a wide range of weapons. From Assault Rifles to Snipers, Warzone has it all. All weapons are amazing in their own way, but you won’t be able to secure a single kill if your aim is poor. If you’re someone who’s struggling with landing shots accurately, then we’ll suggest you follow the tips shared below.

Change Your Mouse Sensitivity

The biggest mistake new and even veteran players make is that they think high sensitivity is always great. While they are right to some extent, this isn’t the actual case. In fact, slower mouse and controller sensitivity has been proven to be more precise. I used to think the same that with higher sensitivity, I can lock onto more players quickly. However, after reducing my mouse sensitivity, I started landing shots more accurately.


Adjusting Mouse DPI

If you’re on PC, then you have yet another advantage over your sensitivity. What some PC players don’t know is that they can actually adjust the DPI of their mouse, something through which they can further control the sensitivity. Most professional players have their mouse DPI set at 800 with low mouse sensitivity. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the same settings will be suitable for you, but you should give them a try. Some mice come with a dedicated setting app through which the DPI can be adjusted. However, you can also adjust it by going to the Devices Panel in the Windows Settings.

Choose The Right Optics

In Warzone, you can choose from a wide range of optics for your weapons. Some of them are perfect for close-range combat, while others can be ideal for both close and mid-range combat. The ideal way to see which one suits your playstyle the best is by trying all of them out. However, you want some good options, then we’ll suggest you try out the VLK optic.

Get Those Headshots

Aiming at the head of your enemy will always lead to positive things. You will only have to land a few accurate shots to the head and your enemy will drop on the ground. This is something CS:GO, Apex Legends, and PUBG players are familiar with. Therefore, whenever you see an enemy, make sure to aim at the head height. This way, you’ll be able to drop them down much more quickly.

Download Some Aim Trainers

Aim trainer is an amazing tool for improving aim. Many professional players use such trainers daily to further improve their aim. The best part is that most aim trainers are available for free on Steam, such as Aim Lab. However, you can also opt for the paid ones as they offer some more features. But for starters, it’s best to stick to the free ones as they’ll help you with the basics.

Stay Clam

Staying calm is yet another important thing that can help you with landing shots accurately. Some players often get confused and start shooting randomly. This should not be the case at all as panicking will only lead to more problems. Instead, if you see an enemy, then you should try to remain as calm as possible so that you can focus more on aiming properly.

Practice As Much As You Can

Finally, without practice, you won’t get anywhere. Keep in mind that you won’t improve your aim overnight. It is a time taking process and you will slowly make progress. However, if you don’t practice at all, then you won’t get anywhere. The best way to do this is by playing as many matches as possible in a single day. We’ll suggest you play Plunders more instead of the Casual Battle Royale mode as you can respawn in it.

These were some tips that can help you with improving your aim in Warzone. We hope that this will help you out. Make sure to practice as much as you can and you’ll become better in no time.