Respawn Confirms Titanfall 3 Is Not In Development

 Respawn Confirms Titanfall 3 Is Not In Development

Fans of the popular Titanfall series have been eagerly waiting to see a third installment in the series. The first two parts were a huge success and everyone was hoping to see the third part soon. However, that didn’t happen as Respawn didn’t talk about it. And now, Chad Grenier has further confirmed that the studio currently has no plans for Titanfall 3.

In the past few months, many rumors and leaks came to the surface which claimed that Titanfall 3 is in development. This information was leaked by data miners who are always busy digging in Apex Legends’ game files. While trying to discover information about upcoming content such as new Legends, cosmetic items, and weapons, some of them found out that the studio is currently working on the third installment of the Titanfall series.

Titanfall 3 Is Not In Development

While everyone got excited after hearing these rumors and leaks, the case is actually the opposite. Recently, Apex Legends’ game director, Chad Grenier sat down with Eurogamer and talked a lot about the battle royale. He discussed everything including the upcoming seventh season which is scheduled to go live on November 4. But in response to a question in which he was asked about the Titanfall series, he confirmed that no one is currently working on Titanfall 3.

Titanfall 3

What Grenier said confirmed that Respawn has no plans for a third part of the Titanfall series. We won’t be seeing it any time soon as well. This is because Grenier claimed that the studio is currently busy working on the next five seasons after Season 7. He also added that Respawn has plans for more content beyond that. While this might be bad news for Titanfall fans, Apex Legends fan can rejoice.

Plans for Apex Legends

To make sure that Titanfall fans don’t get disappointed, Grenier claimed that they are planning to make Apex Legends more than a battle royale. He mentioned that Apex is based in the Titanfall universe and they are always bringing content from that universe into this one. In the end, he mentioned that Titanfall fans are going to be super excited about the content that is to be added to Apex in the near future.

With that on the side, Apex Legends players are currently waiting for the seventh season to arrive, which will go live on November 4. The upcoming season is going to bring a new Legend, cosmetic items, and a brand new map called Olympus.

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