Black Ops Cold War Crash Issue Fix for Xbox Series X

 Black Ops Cold War Crash Issue Fix for Xbox Series X

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War came out around two weeks ago. Considering the game has just been released, players are reporting a number of issues with it. This happens with almost every other game these days, as it’s rare we find a bug-free game at launch. The issues are being faced by players on Xbox Series X, who are unable to enjoy their favorite game properly.

Black Ops Cold War Xbox Series X Issues

At first, there were some reports from players claiming that some elements from the UI were disappearing constantly. Some of them were even being met with an error because of this. However, it was then discovered that a simple restart can fix the issue. Later on, a number of Xbox Series X users start claiming that Quick Resume was disconnecting the console from the TV. And now, things are getting out of hand as the latest crash issues are reportedly turning off the Xbox Series X itself after every few minutes. This can make this quite frustrating considering the console just came out and these issues are making it difficult for players to enjoy it.

Black Ops Cold War

First things first, the crash issues are happening with players who have the Xbox Series X but are running the Xbox One version of the game on it. However, it should be working fine on the Xbox Series X considering it is compatible. There have been some crash reports from players who have the Xbox Series X version as well, but most reports are from players using the Xbox One version.

How To Fix The Crash Issue

For now, the only way to overcome this issue is by installing the game somewhere else. For those who don’t know, the External USB HDD cannot currently support next-gen games made for the Xbox Series X. Therefore, if you installed the game in an External HDD, we will suggest you delete it and reinstall it in the console’s internal SSD.

At the moment, Blizzard is yet to confirm whether they are doing something about this issue or not. However, considering the game is new and the developers cannot afford to make mistakes at this stage, we will get to see a fix for it soon. In addition to this, you will most likely end up facing a number of other issues as well. New bugs and glitches are discovered every week, so make sure you’re fully prepared for them. Before you leave, make sure to check out the best weapons to choose from in the game.

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