Black Ops Cold War – Best Weapons to Choose From

 Black Ops Cold War – Best Weapons to Choose From

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has become one of the most popular games out there. Although the game has just launched, millions of players are jumping into it every week. This isn’t surprising considering a Call of Duty game always ends up taking the top spot after getting released.

Best Black Ops Cold War Weapons

Just like the previous Call of Duty games, Black Ops Cold War also has a number of weapons for players to choose from. Some of these weapons were present in the previous titles, while others have made their debut. However, even though it has only been around two weeks since the game’s release, the community has already revealed the top weapons. Today, we are going to talk about some of the best weapons to choose from in Black Ops Cold War.


The MP5 has always remained a popular weapon in most Call of Duty games, especially in the Modern Warfare series. In Black Ops Cold War, the weapon has managed to get the same status as it is considered as one of the best weapons of this game. The reason behind its popularity is its high rate of fire and the insane amount of damage it offers. Another positive thing about the MP5 is that it’s fairly easy to use. With various attachments, this weapon can become one of a kind, with no other matching its power. Some of these attachments include Field Agent Grip, Raider Stock, SALVO 50 RND Fast Mag, and a few more.

Black Ops Cold War


The AUG and the M16 are being used by a lot of Black Ops Cold War players, but the pros are opting for the FFAR 1. This weapon is being seen used by Simp, Scump, and many other top players because of obvious reasons. In the previous Call of Duty games, this weapon had a burst fire more which held a lot of players back from using it. However, in Black Ops Cold War, the weapon is fully-automatic. Furthermore, if paired with the right attachments, the FFAR 1 offers low recoil.

Gallo SA12

In the game, you can keep a shotgun as your secondary weapon. And for that choice, we’ll suggest you go with the Gallo SA12. Although it might not be able to take down enemies in a single shot like the Hauer 77, its high rate of fire will fill that gap. It can help you with taking down your target within seconds as it will keep on shooting constantly. Another plus point of this shotgun is its accuracy, as you won’t have to aim down sights in order to accurately land your shots.


The AUG is currently considered as one of the best Tactical Rifles in Black Ops Cold War. This is mainly because of its fantastic accuracy. Thanks to it, you can take down the enemies that are close to you without the need for ADS. In the Black Ops Series, the weapon was a decent one but didn’t have a lot of charm to it. However, in Black Ops Cold War, it has instantly managed to reach the height. If you’re looking for a weapon that can help you bag in some kills quickly, then you should definitely opt for the AUG.

Black Ops Cold War


The final weapon to appear on our list is the AK-47. Most of you will be aware of this weapon considering it is found in almost every Call of Duty game. It seems as the creators can’t get sleep without adding this weapon in every title of the series. But jokes aside, the AK-47 has always turned out to be a powerful weapon in combat. It offers an insane amount of damage, something that can melt your opponents within seconds. The only downside about this weapon is its slow rate of fire and vertical kick. Some players also noticed that it can be somewhat difficult to control its recoil whenever trying to take down opponents that are a little far away.

These were some of the best weapons to choose from in Black Ops Cold War. Make sure to try out other ones as well as you might find them better than these ones. If the developers add some new weapons, we’ll make sure to update this list. If you’re on PC, then make sure to check out the game’s System Requirements.

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