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Apex Legends Will Become More Than A “Battle Royale”

Apex Legends is currently one of the most popular battle royale games of this year. The game instantly became popular shortly after its release, and this was because of its unique gameplay. Right now, it’s competing directly with Fortnite and Warzone.

While Fortnite and Warzone are regular battle royale games with not that much lore, Apex is completely different. The game allows players to choose Legends, and each one has an amazing back story which has led them to participate in the Apex Games. Respawn introduces a new character alongside every new season, and we get to know more and more about the world of Apex through them.

At the moment, everyone is looking forward to Apex Legends Season 7. The reason every player is hyped up for it is that it’s going to change the game entirely. Along with a new Legend called Horizon and much more content, players will see a new map called Olympus. This new map is brighter as compared to the other two maps, and is completely different from them.

Respawn’s Plans for Apex Legends

To discuss the upcoming season, Apex Legends’ game director Chad Grenier recently had an interview session with Eurogamer. This interview was really informative as we got to know how things are going over at the studio. However, the most important thing that Grenier revealed was that they are already working on content for Season 12. This means that the content for around five seasons is currently in the works. The game director further revealed that they are also planning content beyond Season 12.

Grenier went on to add that they are currently exploring ways through which they can do more exciting things. He expressed the studio’s desire of making Apex Legends more than a battle royale. They are currently thinking of how they can use the roster of Legends to take things further.

While we currently don’t know exactly what Grenier was talking about, our guess is that he was talking about a campaign mode. We got to experience something similar in the fifth season thanks to the Broken Ghost quest. However, that was still nothing compared to a full-length campaign. Grenier mentioned that the LTMs they offer is a great way to get things started. Respawn might also be thinking about introducing a Player-Vs-Environment mode. If this is the case, then Respawn will surely see an increase in the overall player count once this happens.

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