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Apex Legends – Underrated Weapons You Should Be Using

Apex Legends allows you to choose from a wide range of different weapons. We have the R-99 that is absolutely deadly in close-ranged combat, while the Triple Take can help you pack some kills from far away. There are around two dozen weapons and all of them can be further customized with various attachments.

Apex Legends Underrated Weapons

A big mistake new and even veteran players make is that they try to stick to the popular weapons. Obviously, there are some weapons that are better than others in every way. However, staying limited to them will not always lead to success. What happens is that if you are unable to find a popular weapon, you won’t be able to perform properly with another one. Therefore, the player who will have mastered every weapon will outgun any player. Today, we are going to talk about some of the most underrated weapons in Apex Legends that you should consider using.


The Spitfire was once considered as one of the top weapons in Apex Legends. However, it slowly started to lose its charm because most players opted for the Devotion LMG instead of this one. But now, the weapon is once again being used by a lot of players, and why shouldn’t they? The Spitfire has one of the largest magazine sizes in the entire game. You can further increase this by using a level 3 Extended Heavy. The weapon also comes with a 2x headshot multiplier with high DPS, meaning that it can help you wipe out entire squads within seconds.

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The RE-45 is yet another weapon that was once a top one. In Season 2, Respawn introduced the Disruptor Round Hop Up, something that took the RE-45 to the highest level. We even saw top players and streamers using it often. However, in Season 3, Respawn decided to take the Disruptors Round out of the game. From that moment, only a handful of players have opted for the RE-45. But in Season 7, thanks to the Quickdraw Holster Hop Up, the weapon is once again becoming popular. This hop up basically allows players to raise and lower it quickly, with unscoped shots offering more damage.


Out of all the SMGs present in Apex, the Alternator is probably the weakest one. It has been quite some time since we saw a buff for it. Even in the latest season, the developers claimed that it is in a decent spot right now. The biggest downside about it is its low DPS and slow rate of fire. However, what some players don’t realize is that the Alternator offers amazing recoil. To control its spray, all you need to do is drag it straight down. This basically lets you land more shots accurately, something which results in more kills.


The EVA-8 Auto is one of the three shotguns available in Apex Legends, with one of them being a Care Package weapon only. However, the EVA-8 is mostly used during the early stages of the game when players are unable to find a better weapon. But as soon as they come across the Mastiff, they instantly ditch it. However, there is something you should know about this weapon that might make you not ditch it the next time. The EVA-8 offers 0% leg damage reduction and a 15% drop in movement penalty when aimed, something that can add to your advantage. Furthermore, you can also attach the Double Tap Trigger hop up to it to make it even more deadly.

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The final weapon to get added to our list of most underrated weapons in Apex Legends is the Sentinel sniper. When this weapon first arrived in Season 4, everyone was excited to try it out. Respawn built a lot of hype for it, but most players were disappointed upon using it as it didn’t turn out to be what they thought. This is why the majority of players stick to Triple Take and the Longbow DMR. However, the Sentinel can prove to be useful at times, especially when charged using two Shield Cells. If you learn how to handle it properly, this sniper can help you bag in a lot of kills.

These were some of the most underrated weapons in Apex Legends. Make sure to try all of them out.

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