Apex Legends Season 7 – How Evo Armor and Ring Damage Is Changing

 Apex Legends Season 7 – How Evo Armor and Ring Damage Is Changing

Apex Legends Season 7 will be bringing a plethora of new content to the game. However, along with new content, we’ll be seeing some major changes. These will affect how the game, as well as Legends and weapons, work. Today, we will be talking about two major changes that a lot of players haven’t paid attention to.

Apex Legends Season 7 Evo Armor Changes

Armor is something that is the key to surviving in Apex Legends. Some time ago, we could pick up a different type of armor, with each one offering a different level of protection. For instance, the Purple Armor would offer more protection than the Blue one. Later on, Respawn decided to add the Evo Armor alongside them, which worked in a different way. Basically, you can increase the level of your Evo Shield by dealing damage to your enemy.

For the past few months, there have been many complaints about the Evo Armor. Many were reporting that too many end-game players were equipped with the Red Evo Armor, which is the highest level. But now, to prevent this from happening, Respawn has decided to make some major changes to it.

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As per the patch notes of Apex Legends Season 7, you will now need to deal twice as much damage to take your Evo Shield from Level 0 to Level 1. While the middle levels will require almost the same damage, you will have to struggle to get it to the third and fourth levels. This means that a lot of players won’t be roaming around with Red Evo Shields during the final stage of the match anymore unless they have been taking down a lot of enemies. Here’s the new breakdown of the Evo Armor.

  • Level 0 -> 1 : 100 damage (from 50)
  • Level 1 -> 2 : 150 damage (from 125)
  • Level 2 -> 3 : 300 damage (from 250)
  • Level 3 -> 4 : 750 damage (from 500)

Changes to Ring Damage

The second change we were talking about is the Ring Damage. We all know it can get quite frustrating inside the ring as you’re in constant danger. The worst part is that the ring takes away your health quickly, something that further increases the stress. But once Season 7 goes live, all of this will change as the developers have decided to reduce the Ring Damage. Here’s the official breakdown.

  • Ring 1: 2% per tick (same)
  • Ring 2: 3% per tick (from 5%)
  • Ring 3: 5% per tick (from 10%)
  • Ring 4: 10% per tick (from 20%)
  • Ring 5: 10% per tick (from 20%)
  • Ring 6: 15% per tick (from 25%)
  • Ring 7: 15% per tick (from 25%)

As you can see above, the first three rings will give you some time to get your health up if you’re inside them. While the later rings have been slowed down, this doesn’t mean you will have a lot of time in them. You will still have to stay on the move to avoid getting killed.

Apex Legends Season 7 goes live today. We hope you’re ready to try out the new Legend and map.

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