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Apex Legends New Map Guide – All Locations in Olympus

Apex Legends Season 7 has finally arrived. Everyone was excited about it since its announcement. The wait was totally worth it considering the new season has entirely changed the game. We have a new Legend called Horizon who lives to play around with gravity. Respawn has also introduced vehicles for the first time called Tridents. However, the biggest highlight of the latest season is the new map.

Apex Legends fans were waiting for a new map since Season 3. Everyone thought that they will be seeing a new map in Season 6, but this didn’t happen. Instead, Respawn made a few changes to Kings Canyon. This caused an increase in demand for a new map and throughout the sixth season, players were requesting Respawn to add a new map. And now, it has finally happened.

Apex Legends Olympus Locations

Olympus is the newest map of Apex Legends. It has only been around two days since it arrived and players have already fallen in love with it. The reason behind it is that it’s totally different from the other two maps. It has a bright look and offers a fresh gameplay experience. Furthermore, Respawn has done a remarkable job of introducing a bunch of locations on this new map.

The thing about Olympus is that it’s a pretty big map. There are around 16 points of interest on this new map, and you will have a lot to explore. These locations include:

  • Velvet Oasis
  • Arcadia Supercarrier
  • Docks
  • Power Grid (Primary & Secondary)
  • Rift Aftermath
  • Central Turbine
  • Autumn Estates
  • Hammond Labs
  • Energy Depot (Underpass located within)
  • Golden Gardens
  • Grow Towers
  • Orbital Cannon Test Site
  • Solar Array
  • Bonsai Plaza
  • Hydroponics
  • Elysium

Some of these locations offer low to mid-tier loot, while others are filled with high tier loot. However, keep in mind that the locations offering top tier loot will be swarming with enemies. Therefore, make sure to proceed with caution.

Apex Legends Trident Locations

As mentioned earlier, vehicles have also made their way to Apex Legends through Season 7. There are around 11 Tridents all across the map, and the folks over at Dexerto recently shared where they are parked at. These vehicles can carry around three people at the same time, meaning that none of your squad members will get left behind. While these vehicles don’t offer any combat mechanics, you can customize them with your abilities.

This was a small guide for Olympus. There is a new limited-time-mode in Apex through which you can explore the new map. Make sure to try it out before its gone.

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