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Apex Legends Heirloom Skins Might Be In The Works

Apex Legends has a lot to offer when it comes to cosmetic items. There are hundreds of skins that players can use to customize their weapons and characters. These skins can be either purchased from the in-game store or through the character’s section. Furthermore, you can also get a number of them through the battle pass. If you’re lucky enough, you might also find some in the loot boxes.

The thing about Respawn is that they are always trying their best to add as many skins as they can in the game. Most of these skins arrive at the start of a new season, but some also make their way to the game through in-game events. For instance, we recently saw that the developers celebrated the Halloween event with the Shadow Royale LTM, and also added a bunch of Halloween themed skins to the game.

Apex Legends Heirloom Sets

While these cosmetic items are not that difficult to find, there is something that is extremely rare. If you have been playing Apex Legends since its release, then you might have guessed we’re talking about Heirloom sets. These sets are extremely difficult to find and cannot be unlocked by standard methods. Each sets gives you a rare banner, intro quip, and a melee weapon skin.

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The thing about Heirloom melee weapons is that there are currently no skins for them. If you’re lucky enough to find one, then you won’t be able to customize it using skins. However, it seems that this might change soon enough as a leaker recently mentioned that Heirloom weapon skins might be on the way.

Heirloom Skins Might Be Coming

SomeoneWhoLeaks was the leaker who posted about Heirloom weapon skins. While this got a lot of players excited, he did ask everyone to take this information with a grain of salt as it was coming from some investors in EA. This means that it’s only a rumor and nothing can be said for sure until Respawn officially confirms it. The leaker also claimed that it is still too early to talk about when they’ll be coming, if they actually are, so we won’t be seeing them anytime soon. At least not in the upcoming seventh season.

If Respawn actually does decide to introduce Heirloom weapon skins, then it is going to make a lot of players happy. In the meantime, you can gear up for Apex Legends Season 7 that will go live on November 4.

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