Warzone Zombie Battle Royale Tips To Survive Longer

 Warzone Zombie Battle Royale Tips To Survive Longer

Warzone players are currently enjoying the Hunting of Verdansk event. We all knew that Infinity Ward will celebrate Halloween in some way, but no one knew it is going to be this big. The new event has brought many themed changes and items to the game. These include new cosmetic items, rewards, challenges, and much more. However, the most exciting thing is the new Zombie Battle Royale Limited Time Mode.

The new LTM is something we have never seen before in a Call of Duty game. It puts players in a night version of Verdansk where they have to reply on thermal sights to find their enemies. However, this time, they aren’t just fighting against soldiers as they have a new threat in the form of Zombies.

Warzone Zombie Battle Royale LTM

The thing about this new mode is that after you get killed, you don’t get sent to the Gulag. Instead, you get revived as a Zombie. Once this happens, you will have certain abilities through which you’ll be able to hunt down other players. Today, we will be talking about some things that can help you survive longer in the new Zombie LTM. These tips were shared by Dexerto.

Becoming A Zombie Isn’t So Bad

First things first, don’t get disappointed after getting turned into a zombie. I know you all like playing around with weapons and all, but being a zombie is not that bad. This is because zombies have certain abilities that they can use throughout the match. For instance, you get a gas grenade that you can throw towards your enemies to get their attention. Furthermore, you can also use an EMP pulse to disable the electronic items of nearby enemies.

Another amazing thing about being a zombie is that you can use Charged Jump. This ability will allow you to reach locations more quickly. You can either use to fly away from an opponent if you get stuck in a tight spot or simply use it to surprise your enemy from above. Therefore, once you become a zombie, make sure to get the most out of your abilities.

You Can Still Come Back

Becoming a zombie doesn’t mean that you’re stuck in this state forever. What some players don’t know is that they can actually respawn with their full loadout after using Antiviral syringes. Whenever you will kill an enemy, they will drop a syringe. Upon collection and using two of these will allow you to rejoin your squad as a human. If you’re not planning to go after other players to kill them and acquire syringes, then they will also appear on the minimap. Simply rush towards their location to grab them before someone else does.

Don’t Give Up

Another interesting thing about the Zombie LTM is that there is no end to the fighting. In a regular Warzone match, you get only one chance of surviving and that is through the Gulag. But in this new LTM, you will become a Zombie as many times as you die. This means that there is no reason for you to stop fighting until the very end of the match. Considering the team with a surviving operator wins the match, you must do your best to survive.

Don’t Choose A Heavy Loadout

The final thing you should keep in mind in this new LTM is to not carry a heavy loadout. Zombies have amazing speed in this new mode and they can catch up to you very quickly. Therefore, in order to counter them, you need to become quick as well. The best way to do this is by carrying around a loadout that isn’t heavy. For instance, you should avoid picking up an LMG or a Rocket Launcher and pick up an SMG instead. This way, your player won’t become slow and you’ll be able to run faster.

These were some tips and tricks that can help you survive longer in the new Zombie Battle Royale Limited Time Mode in Warzone. Considering the mode will be gone in about a week, we will suggest you play it as much as you can. This is because we don’t see such events more often, and you might get to see it again next year. Therefore, make sure to get the most out of it before it’s gone.

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