Warzone Zombie Battle Royale – How To Use Zombie Abilities Properly

 Warzone Zombie Battle Royale – How To Use Zombie Abilities Properly

Zombies have made their way into Warzone through the new Hunting of Verdansk event. Players now have to face two threats at the same time. The first one being human soldiers carrying around weapons, and the second one being zombies that have some special abilities in their arsenal.

Warzone Zombie Abilities

The thing about this new LTM in Warzone is that after you get killed, you get revived as a zombie somewhere on the map instead of getting sent back to the Gulag. From this point onwards, your only goal is to hunt down enemies to get your hands on two Antiviral syringes. Using two of these will respawn you back on the map as a regular soldier.

Zombies have their own set of unique abilities that they can use for different purposes. Although you cannot carry around weapons, you still get some powerful abilities that can help you take down your opponent instantly. However, if not used right, you will get eliminated pretty quickly. Therefore, it is really important to learn how each of these abilities works.

Different Passive Abilities

To begin with, zombies have certain passive abilities that automatically make them stronger than anyone roaming around the map. For instance, once you get revived as a zombie, you will move much faster than a regular human. Furthermore, you will have stronger melee attacks, something through which you’ll be able to take down your enemies in only a few hits.


In addition to these two things, zombies also tend to have enhanced vision something that allows them to see things clearly in the night version of Verdansk. You can also see the footprints of your enemies something that can help you with tracking them down. Zombies also don’t get damaged by gas grenades, so you won’t have to worry about them.

Charged Jump

The thing which almost every player loves about becoming a zombie is the Charged Jump. This is easily the best ability you get after becoming a zombie as you can reach the top of buildings in a single jump. This ability can be further used to escape critical situations or to surprise enemies by dropping on them from above. The best part is that you can hold down the Charged Jump button to go even further. However, if not used right, you can easily become a target of your enemy.

Gas Grenades

Zombies can also use Gas Grenades and we all know how they work. But for those who don’t know, they can basically slow down your enemies. This means that you can use this grenade to slow down the movement of your enemies and then chase them down using your increased speed.

EMP Blast

EMP Blast is yet another ability that spices things up. As its name suggests, it disables digital optics, destroys electronic items and equipment, and prevents vehicles from moving. Furthermore, you can also disable the HUD of your enemy through it, something that will put them in a tight spot. Therefore, as soon as you charge an EMP blast, make sure to chase your enemy as quickly as possible before they get back on their feet.


Don’t Engage Blindly

Now that you have learned about different abilities that you get after you become a zombie, it’s time to look into some things that can get you killed. First and foremost, don’t blindly charge into an enemy. This is because if you don’t scan your surroundings before engaging someone, you might get killed by a nearby enemy. You’ll never know if there is a squad of players roaming around until and unless you do a quick scan.

Don’t Give Away Your Position

Another thing you should keep in mind is that you will glow after using Charged Jump. This means that you will give away your position right after using this ability. Therefore, you must make sure that you use it only when it’s the right time. If you keep on using it for fun, then chances are that you’ll get pinned down with bullets within a few seconds.

Create Different Traps

Your EMP Blast and Gas Grenades are your biggest tools to create big traps. You can disable the electronic equipment of your enemies by using the EMP Blast and then ruin their visibility by throwing a Gas Grenade towards them. This is going to be the perfect time for you to charge towards them as they won’t know what’s coming towards them.

These were some important things that you should keep in mind after becoming a zombie in Warzone. We hope that this will help you out. Also, make sure to check out our guide on how you can survive longer in this new LTM.

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