Warzone Season 7: Will We See It?

 Warzone Season 7: Will We See It?

Call of Duty players have been enjoying Warzone for quite some time now. The game was released on March 10, and it instantly became one of the most popular video games out there. The franchise already being so popular contributed a lot towards its player count. Furthermore, a battle royale with the mechanics of Call of Duty was something every player wanted to try. But now that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is coming out, everyone is worried about how Warzone will shift to it.

Warzone is currently linked to Modern Warfare. In fact, it is a free-to-play part of it. The game’s developer is Infinity Ward, who has previously worked on various Call of Duty games. However, Black Ops Cold War will be under Treyarch’s umbrella, and fans are currently thinking about how battle royale will shift to it. This will also be the first time a game from Infinity Ward will transit to Treyarch.

Warzone Season 7 Possibility

What worries most players is whether they’ll get to see Warzone Season 7 or not. Well to clear things up, there will be a seventh season and many more in the future. However, the thing which is yet to be confirmed is whether we’ll be seeing it in the current version, or in the next one. Warzone Season 6 is currently expected to conclude on November 24. This is around 10 days after the release of Black Ops Cold War. It can be that Treyarch might be planning to shift Warzone under their supervision after the sixth season has ended. They also might decide to continue with the current season.


A couple of days back, twitter user BKTOOR managed to leak some exciting new information. The Call of Duty leaker managed to leak some marketing material that confirmed the possibility of Season 7. The image mentioned that players can purchase the battle pass of Season 7 by using the CP earned in Season 6. However, the image failed to reveal whether the seventh season will be a part of Modern Warfare or Black Ops Cold War. However, considering a lot of players will shift from Modern Warfare to Black Ops Cold War once it comes out, it is highly unlikely that it’ll be a part of the current version.

At the moment, both Infinity Ward and Treyarch are yet to confirm anything related to this. Hopefully, as we get close to the release date of Black Ops Cold War, we’ll get an update.

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