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Warzone – Over 200,000 Accounts Have Been Banned For Cheating

Since Warzone’s launch, one of the biggest issues it has faced is cheating. We all know that cheaters are present in almost every online multiplayer game. These players basically don’t want to play by the rules. Most of the time, they use third-party software to get an advantage over other players. However, they also use other means of cheating such as using exploits to perform better. But once they get caught, they just can’t get back Warzone again, at least with not the same account.


Infinity Ward has taken various measures to prevent cheating from taking place in both Modern Warfare and Warzone. They have assigned different teams to these tasks and they work day and night to ban those who were caught cheating. However, even though they have used different methods, the developers just can’t put an end to them. This is one of the reasons why players were requesting them to adopt more strict measures.

Wazrone Anti-Cheat Update

Recently, in order to calm some players down, Infinity Ward gave a new update on their anti-cheat system. Through their official Twitter account, the developers confirmed that since launch, they have banned over 200,000 accounts that were caught cheating. The number is for both Warzone and Modern Warfare. Furthermore, the developers claimed that there was a “new ban wave this week.” To assure fans, Infinity Ward also mentioned that they will continue to “deploy additional security updates.”

The latest ban wave did end up banning a lot of cheaters. Even a popular Twitch streamer tweeted that he was banned during the latest ban wave. However, he claimed that he did nothing wrong. In the past, there have been reports about players getting banned for no reason at all. This is something annoying considering innocent players also lose their accounts because of these cheaters. At the moment, Infinity Ward is yet to confirm what they will do about accounts that were falsely banned.

It is good to see that the developers are taking more strict actions to put an end to cheating in Warzone and Modern Warfare. There have been times when some popular figures in the Esports industry have been taken down by cheaters. This is something that makes a player lose his interest in the game. Hopefully, Infinity Ward will soon come up with something that will put an end to this issue for good.

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