Warzone – How To Counter Campers At the Airport Tower

 Warzone – How To Counter Campers At the Airport Tower

Other than cheating, camping is easily the worst thing that someone can do in games like Warzone. These players just stay in a specific location and take their opponents down without moving a lot. This can often become very annoying as sometimes, these campers take up a spot and you are unable to reach a specific location because of them.

Warzone Airport Tower

In Warzone, everyone knows about the Verdansk Airport tower. This tower is never free from campers as it is the best spot for them. There is only one way to go up this tower, something which makes it a secure place for campers. The worst part is that you cannot have a straight gunfight against them as they’ll always have the high ground advantage. Even though the developers have introduced ziplines to multiple tall buildings, this tower still lacks them.


If you’re someone who is just tired of becoming a target of these campers residing at the Airport tower, then there just might be a way for you to counter them. Though the method is not that simple and easy, it’s still worth a shot. Hey, at least it’s better than trying to run directly towards them right?

How To Counter The Campers

The method was suggested by Reddit user NadxCh, who was also tried of becoming a target of them. The method he mentioned requires a helicopter through which you can infiltrate the tower. Although many people have already tried to attack the tower using a helicopter, they have always failed in their attempt. This is mainly because these campers always have a rocket launcher in their arsenal through which they won’t even let you fly in peace. However, the user mentioned that you don’t have to directly fly into them.

As per the user, you will have to make one of your teammates fly further from the tower after landing you on the top. What you’ll have to do is jump off the helicopter as soon as you’re on the top of that, and then use your parachute to land in the control room. This will be you’re only chance of taking the campers down as they will be busy focusing on the helicopter.

As mentioned before, the method isn’t that simple and you will most likely fail in your first attempt. However, this is your only way of taking these annoying campers down. You also must make sure that your friend whose flying the helicopter keeps the attention of the campers towards him. Otherwise, you’ll be met with a team of campers aiming towards you.

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