Warzone – Here’s What We Want To See in The Black Ops Cold War Version

 Warzone – Here’s What We Want To See in The Black Ops Cold War Version

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is currently one of the most awaited games of this year. Players just can’t wait for it to arrive. While some players are excited to get their hands on a new Call of Duty game, others are waiting to see what will happen to Warzone. The game is currently linked to Modern Warfare and is in its sixth season. Once Black Ops Cold War arrives, it will make a switch to it.

During its time with Modern Warfare, Warzone has gone through many changes. Infinity Ward has added a lot of new content to it, with players even witnessing different map changes. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Today, we will be talking about some things that we want to see in the Black Ops Cold War version of Warzone.

Bring Back Old Classic Weapons

Call of Duty has remained a popular series since its debut in 2003. Since then, we have seen several games that have featured a different theme. From experiencing the World War to seeing how things will become in the future, Call of Duty has shown us all. The thing about each game is that the developers always introduce a new set of weapons, attachments, and more. However, in the past few games, most of the weapons were futuristic guns. Now, it’s time for the developers to bring back some classic weapons from the first few titles from the series. We did get to see the CR-56 AMAX in Warzone, but we want to see more. Hopefully, in the Black Ops Cold War version, we’ll get to see a number of classic weapons.


Introduce Dynamic Weather Conditions

Dynamic weather conditions are something that is getting popular in different battle royale games. We have already seen what kind of effect it had on PUBG, and it’s time we see something similar in Warzone as well. For those who don’t know, dynamic weather means players experiencing rain, snow, night time, and other similar things during a single match. This is something that makes the game more challenging and fun. For instance, during the night time, players would need to rely on Night Vison Goggles for visibility. While the developers haven’t talked about anything like this for Warzone, we’ll hopefully see something in the upcoming version.

More Seasonal Events

Seasonal events are something that are enjoyed by almost every player. They allow players to take a break from the casual battle royale experience to try out something new. We have seen such events in other battle royale games such as Apex Legends. Even right now, players are currently enjoying the Hunting of Verdansk event in Warzone that is for Halloween. Once the Black Ops Cold War version of Warzone goes live, the developers should focus on introducing as many seasonal events as they can. It would be better if they can bring them back as a bonus during other days as well.

Multiple Maps

Since Warzone’s release, players have been playing in only a single map. Although there were many rumors going around claiming that Infinity Ward will introduce a new map soon, nothing happened. All we go to see were a few map changes, such as different bunkers opening around the map. Other than this, it’s the same old Verdansk. But now that the game will make a switch to Black Ops Cold War, the developers should focus on introducing multiple maps for players. They should follow the footsteps of Respawn Entertainment who introduce a new map in Apex Legends after a number of seasons. If this happens, then the developers will surely see an increase in the overall player count.



Other than all these things, I would personally like to see some new vehicles in the next version of Warzone. Although we currently have enough types of vehicles in the game, it would be great to see something like new aquatic vehicles. At the moment, Black Ops Cold War is scheduled to go live on November 13. We currently don’t know whether Warzone will make a switch with its release, or will the developers wait for the sixth season to get finished. In the meantime, you can enjoy the ongoing in-game event that has brought a Zombies LTM to the game.

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