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Warzone Halloween Event – Night Mode, Zombie Mode, and More

Halloween is just around the corner and Infinity Ward has decided to celebrate it with a bang. Almost every Warzone player knew that they will be seeing a Halloween event soon, but no one knew exactly when. But now, the event that is being called “Haunting of Verdansk” is now live.

Warzone Halloween Event

The Hunting of Verdansk event was announced through a trailer that left everyone surprised and hyped. It is currently scheduled to end on November 3, which gives you a lot of days to try out the new modes, acquire various cosmetic items and rewards, and try out the new night version of Warzone’s map. So without any further due, here is everything you need to know about the latest Halloween event.

Verdansk Night Version

To begin with, you can now enjoy a night version of Warzone’s map. This was previously leaked by data miners who claimed that players will soon get to see a nighttime version of Verdansk. But they failed to find out that it will actually be making its debut in the Halloween event. At the moment, the night version of the map is only available in Trios and Plunder. The developers did mention that it will become available for more in the future, but they didn’t say when. Despite this, make sure to use thermal optics on your weapons as, without them, you will get toasted.

Zombie LTM

The second biggest thing to get introduced through the Hunting of Verdansk is the Zombie Battle Royale Limited Time Mode. This LTM has made Warzone a lot more fun. Instead of getting sent back to the Gulag to fight for another life, you will come back as a Zombie. While Zombies can’t use weapons or any other equipment, they have their own set of unique abilities. For instance, you will jump higher, run faster, and your melee attacks will be much deadlier. Furthermore, you will see better than regular players without thermal optics.

Even after you become a Zombie, you can still get back to the match as an undead player. Whenever a player is killed, they drop a syringe. And if you acquire two syringes, you will get the luxury to get back into the match. In the end, the team which has an Operator left wins the match.

Now, the Zombie Battle Royale may sound fun and all, but remember this will get messy. This is because if you’re still alive, then you will have to face off against both enemy players and zombies. And trust me, these zombies aren’t the ones you see in The Walking Dead. They are extremely fast, can put you down with only a few melee attacks, and you won’t get to see them coming because of the darkness. But hey, at least you’ll get to become a nightmare for other players if you get killed right?

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt is yet another fun part of the Halloween event. Infinity Ward has introduced a total of 16 special chests throughout the map, and your job is to find them. If you ask why? Well, these chests contain some exclusive items that you won’t be able to get once the event is gone. However, not all chests are going to be filled with rewards. There is a reason why Infinity Ward is calling the event “Trick or Treat.”

Some of these chests are going to reward you with an item, while others will play a trick on you. Beware, some of these tricks might leave you scared. Therefore, be careful while opening every chest. The best part is that upon collecting all 16 chests, the game will reward you with a Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint. This blueprint will help you get your hands on the Pumpkin Punisher skin.

This was all that is now live in Warzone for the Halloween event. At the moment, we currently don’t know if the developers are going to add any more content during the event or not. If they do, we will make sure to update this post to let you know. Until then, equip a thermal optic and hop into the night version of Verdansk to kill some zombies as you might not get this chance again until next year.

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