Warzone – 4 Best Landing Spots for Season 6

 Warzone – 4 Best Landing Spots for Season 6

Warzone has gone through different changes since its release. It is currently regarded as one of the top battle royale titles in the world, and this is why its developers are always busy trying to improve it further. The developers have released a total of 6 seasons for the game, and all of them introduced a plethora of content. From new weapons to new modes, we have seen it all. However, one thing that hasn’t changed a lot about the game is its map.

Best Warzone Landing Spots

In short, there have only been a few map changes. For instance, the Stadium opened up and allowed players to enter a new arena to test their skills out. Furthermore, subway stations appeared on the map. Other than these, there haven’t been any noticeable major changes. This is also one of the reasons why players have constantly demanded a new map as they are tired of playing in the same place over and over again.

Despite all this, the map is still fun and serves as an amazing battleground for players. There are some places that feature low to mid-tier loot, while others can help you acquire some top tier loot. Today, we are going to talk about 4 best landing spots in Warzone for Season 6.

Verdansk International Airport

Verdansk International Airport is easily one of the best and popular landing spots in Warzone. It is located on the West side of the map and every Warzone player knows about it. The thing which I personally love about it is that it offers multiple looting spots and a lot of great loot. Another interesting thing about this place is that some of its areas will put you in an instant gunfight, while others will be free from enemies. This is why you will always have the option to either land at the safe spot, or to go directly in. You can start from places such as Airport Maintenance, Storage Town, etc. Keep in mind that there exists a tower at the Airport that is always filled with campers. We wrote a short guide recently to help you counter them.

Arklov Peak Military Base

The Arklov Peak Military Base is yet another amazing landing spot in Warzone for Season 6. This place is perfect for those players who are looking for both short and long-range battles. As it’s also a popular destination, you will find a number of enemy players upon landing. Therefore, as soon as you land, make sure to pick up a good weapon as you’ll instantly engage in a few gunfights. But if you end up clearing the area with your squad, then there will be enough loot for your entire team.

Atlas Superstore

Next up, we have the Atlas Superstore. Regarded as the hottest drop point in Warzone, this area is always swarming with enemies. And why wouldn’t it be? I mean, it offers the most loot in the game. Although you will be most likely sent back to the Gulag shortly after landing, the loot you’ll get if you survive is worth it. In fact, you won’t need to loot again as you will be carrying some top equipment after clearing this place. The only thing you and your teammates need to do is constantly watch your backs as you won’t be alone here.

The Stadium

The fourth and final location we’ll suggest to drop in is The Stadium. If you’ve been playing Warzone since its release, then you must already know that this location has always remained a popular drop for obvious reasons. It has plenty of loot that can set you up for the entire match. If you’re looking for some quick action, then you’ll find a lot of enemy players right after landing. The best part is that you can rotate around the map easily from The Stadium.

These were some of the best 4 locations for landing in Warzone for Season 6. Keep in mind that the choice will vary from player to player and you might find some other locations better than these ones. In any case, lets just hope that we get to see a new map for Warzone soon. You can also currently enjoy the new Halloween event that is now live in both Warzone and Modern Warfare.

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