Valorant Sage Guide – The Most Powerful Agent?

 Valorant Sage Guide – The Most Powerful Agent?

Valorant came out some time ago and millions of players from all across the world are currently playing it. The game instantly gained popularity due to its resemblance to CS:GO. This was also one of the reasons why a lot of players were quick to adjust to it. However, the biggest difference between Valorant and other similar games are Agents. These are the in-game characters that players can choose.

Valroant Sage Guide

The best part about these Agents is that all of them have their own set of unique abilities. These can be used to escape a situation, defend a point, take an enemy down, and much more. Today, we’ll be talking about Sage, an Agent that is considered as the most powerful one in Valorant. This is mainly because of the healing abilities she offers. In fact, she is the only one who offers such luxuries.


Sage’s Abilities

Sage has a total of four abilities and all of them work in a different way. We’ll be discussing each one separately so that you can have a better idea about how they work.

Healing Orb

First, we have the Healing Orb. This is the very ability that has made Sage popular over time. It basically allows you to equip a Healing Orb that you can fire on your damaged teammate to activate heal-over-time on them. Furthermore, Sage can also activate this on herself whenever she needs it. This Healing Orb lasts for around 5 seconds when activated, and it ends up healing from 1 HP to 100 HP. The only thing you need to remember about it is that after you use it, you will have to wait 35 seconds for it to charge again.

Barrier Orb

Next up, we have the Barrier Orb. As its name suggests, this ability allows you to place a barrier that can protect you and your teammates from incoming bullets. This ability is one of a kind as it has multiple uses. For instance, you can use it as cover when you’re defending a certain point. Similarly, you can also use it to block various choke points. But keep in mind that you can only place one barrier per round, so you’ll have to think carefully about when and where you should place it. Also, we’ll suggest you don’t completely rely on it as it can be taken down easily.

Slow Orb

Slow Orb is the third ability offered by Sage. This is my personal favorite ability of this Agent because of its use. You can basically equip and throw a Slow Orb on the ground and then wait for it to detonate. Afterward, it will slow down anyone caught inside its radius. The effect will last for around 8 seconds, which is enough to plan an attack. The best part about the Slow Orb is that it can be thrown at a great distance, meaning that you don’t have to get close to your enemy to use it.



Finally, we have Sage’s Ultimate ability called Resurrection. We mentioned before that Sage is considered as the most powerful Agent right? Well, this is the reason. Resurrection basically lets you bring a dead teammate back to life. Sage happens to be the only Agent who can do this. After you equip this ability, you can fire it towards your dead teammate. Once it hits them, they will be brought back to life, that too with full health. The only downside about this ability is that it takes a few seconds for the resurrection process to get completed. Furthermore, your teammate can get killed again during it. Therefore, you must make sure that is no enemy nearby before you use it.

This was our guide for Sage in Valorant. We hope that it will help you with understanding how her abilities work. Keep in mind that even though she seems like a supporting character, Sage can handle things on her own. You don’t need to hang around teammates thinking that they’ll need healing. In fact, it was once revealed that Sage has the highest 1v1 win rate in Valorant. Therefore, you should play as if you’re an aggressive player and make your enemies go through hell. If you are yet to unlock Sage, then you should check out our guide on how you can unlock her faster.

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