Valorant Act 3: Here’s What’s Coming

 Valorant Act 3: Here’s What’s Coming

Valorant players will be glad to know that Riot Games has finally decided to lift the curtains from what’s coming in ACT 3 of Episode 1. We have been waiting for this for a long time now and we finally have our answers. Judging from what Riot revealed, players will be seeing a plethora of new content soon.

As per the developers, a lot of new things will be coming to Valorant through ACT 3, including a new Agent and a new map. The new map is called “Icebox,” the one which was confirmed by Riot at launch. As for the new Agent, Riot didn’t reveal any major details about the newest addition, but still gave us our first look at her.

Valorant ACT 3 Roadmap

To begin with, you should first know that Riot has planned out a roadmap for ACT 3. They will be adding new content between the period of two weeks. Riot basically wants to put an end to Episode 1 with a “banger of finish.” This is why they’ll be introducing a new map, a 50-tiered Battlepass, a new Agent, and some changes to the competitive mode.

Competitive Changes

Riot Games has planned different changes for the competitive mode. These changes, that will go live on October 13, are meant to secure the “long-term health of organized team play.” There will be a new competitive act and the rank queue will be lowered from 6 tiers to 3 tiers. Furthermore, in order to make sure that you get better ping, you will be able to select your preferred server.

New Valorant Map

Icebox is going to be the newest map of Valorant. Riot confirmed Icebox during the game’s launch but failed to provide any info about when it will arrive at that time. Icebox features an abandoned Kingdom research facility in the arctic wilderness where you can use ziplines to reach your destinations. This new arena will allow you to polish your skills further as it will offer an adaptive environment. The only thing you won’t like about this map is that because it’s being released earlier than planned, the new Agent will arrive later. Starting October 13, the new map will become available for Unrated, and then on October 27 for Competitive.


New Battlepass and Skin

An all-new 50-tiered Battlepass is also arriving on October 13. This new Battlepass is going to feature a fresh set of new content. In addition to this, Riot is going to make sure the weekly missions progress quickly so that players can unlock rewards much faster. Furthermore, on the same day, Riot is also going to drop a new skin called Singularity. If purchased as a bundle, you can apply it to the Phantom, Sheriff, Spectre, Ares, and Melee.

New Agent

Finally, the new Agent called Syke will arrive on October 27. Not much is known about this new Agent, but Riot will reveal more once we get close to her release. In the meantime, you can check out her reveal trailer.

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