New Warzone Bug Is Flipping Things Sideways

 New Warzone Bug Is Flipping Things Sideways

Warzone players are always excited to see new content. Infinity Ward has a habit of introducing new stuff from time to time, but most of it arrives with a new season. On September 28, Warzone Season 6 went live and it added a plethora of new content. The new season has totally changed the game due to various map changes. A subway system has been introduced which players can now use to get even more creative. In addition to this, there are two new weapons available in the Battle Pass. However, while the update was well received by players, it still comes with its fair share of bugs.


We all know how new updates always end up sliding some bugs into a game. The same can be said for Warzone, a game that has remained full of bugs since its launch. Soon after Season 6 went live, players started encountering some game-breaking bugs. One of them even allowed them to shoot through walls, something which isn’t possible without some cheating software. Furthermore, the newly introduced subway system also had some bugs linked to it.

Warzone Season 6 Bug

If you thought there won’t be anything worse than shooting through walls, you might have to think again. Recently, a new bug came to the surface which has basically shifted all the attention to itself. Even I forgot about the other bugs after seeing this one. A user on Reddit who goes by the name “Venomx24” was the first one to post about this bug. In a clip he posted, it can be seen that the vehicle flipped sideways and things weren’t the same after that.

The video shows that after the user flipped his car, his Operator failed to get back into the normal position. Instead, the user was running sideways as if there’s a road in the air. He was unable to stand straight again even though he tried sprinting, sliding, and much more. The worst part was that his aim was also ruined. All of his shots were going up, and the only way for him to land a perfect shot was to adjust his posture in accordance with his Operator’s flipped state. In the end, after seeing that things won’t go back to normal in the match, he decided to leave the game.

At the moment, Infinity Ward is yet to confirm whether they are aware of this issue or not. Once they do, we can expect a fix for it soon. We will most likely see more of these bugs as we progress through Season 6. Infinity Ward is also currently busy trying to tackle hackers in the game.

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