Apex Legends Tips To Overcome Mirage

 Apex Legends Tips To Overcome Mirage

In Apex Legends, every character has its own set of unique abilities. These abilities can be used for different purposes. For instance, you can use Bangalore’s smoke grenade to either create a diversion or blind your enemies. Similarly, you can use Wraith’s portal to help your teammates travel quickly. However, there will be times when you will be a target of these abilities.

Apex Legends Mirage

While all Legends can use their abilities to trick their opponents, Mirage is the biggest trickster. This is because Respawn has given him the abilities through which he can send out decoys of himself. Furthermore, he can disappear into thin air for some seconds. The worst part is spotting the real mirage after he deploys a bunch of his decoys around him.

Apex Legends

Mirage can basically use these tricks to escape critical situations. For instance, just when you’re about to empty his health bar, he would use his ultimate to deploy a set of decoys. Most of the time, it can be difficult to spot the real mirage and he’ll get away before you even know it. However, there exist some ways through which you can spot the real Mirage quickly. A Reddit user who goes by the name Forexz recently made a short video in which he taught us some simple tricks that can help with identifying the real Mirage between the clones.

How To Spot The Real Mirage

The easiest way to spot the real Mirage is by looking for a weapon on his back. What some players don’t know is that the real Mirage will have a weapon holstered on his back. In addition to this, if the enemy player has his Heirloom as well, then it will also appear on the back of the real Mirage. If you spot any of these two things, you know who to shoot.

Furthermore, the user asked us to keep a track of Mirage’s emitter light after he uses the ability. The one whose light will flicker the longest is going to be the real Mirage. In addition to this, decoys don’t make any noise. This is why you should listen for footsteps as they will belong to the real Mirage. If you’re a console player, then you will have an advantage of aim assist. While aiming at the real Mirage, the aim assist will feel slower.

These were some simple tips and tricks that can help you with identifying the real Mirage. We hope that they are going to help you out.

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