Apex Legends is played by a lot of top streamers on Twitch, including Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek. Shroud has been playing Apex Legends since its early days and has contributed a lot towards making it popular. Although he plays it on and off, he has never completely backed up from it. And now, a statement from his has left many of his fans surprised.

Shroud is one of those who were introduced to Apex Legends way before its release. He was invited to test the game out and share his feedback on what could be improved. This basically means that he was one of the few people who knew about Apex Legends as it remained a surprise until its release.

Apex Legends

Over the past year, Shroud had an on/off relationship with Apex Legends. Sometimes, he used to play it a lot. And at times, he would stop playing it all. Some updates ended up leaving Shroud excited, while others just made him disappointed with the game. Despite all this, he still made a return to Apex Legends after the Aftermarket Collection Event, and he seems to be enjoying the game a lot.

Apex Legends Is The “Best” Battle Royale

During one of his streams on Twitch, one of his viewers asked him whether he’s enjoying Apex Legends again or not. In reply to this, Shroud was quick to say that Apex is still the best Battle Royale game for him so far. This left a lot of his viewers surprised considering they were expecting him to say the complete opposite of this. He didn’t, however, held himself back from complaining about one thing.

Apex Legends

According to Shroud, players are always expecting to see updates faster. However, Respawn Entertainment is slow when it comes to releasing new updates. But other than this, Shroud is happy with Apex and considers it to be the best Battle Royale game out there. He also has no problems with the latest Aftermarket event. In fact, he’s enjoying the new Flashpoint Limited-Time-Mode that was introduced as a part of the latest event. In this new mode, players have to rely on certain areas for healing purposes as all healing items have been removed.

Apex Legends Season 7 is also approaching as we speak. The new season is going to feature a lot of new content, including a new Legend. Just recently, Respawn Entertainment dropped in a new in-game teaser for the upcoming season, which has confirmed the existence of Horizon.