Apex Legends PS4 Players Are Facing Invalid Token Error

 Apex Legends PS4 Players Are Facing Invalid Token Error

There are times when you will face different errors and issues while playing your favorite video game online. In fact, there isn’t any online multiplayer game that is free from errors. As for Apex Legends, it has introduced its fair share of errors since its early days. There have been times when players have been either kicked out during their matches, and some couldn’t even reach the lobby. And now, PS4 players are facing a new type of error.

Respawn Entertainment recently introduced a new event called the Aftermarket Collection Event in Apex Legends. This new event has brought a lot of new content to the game including some exclusive cosmetic items. In addition to this, there is a new LTM called Flashpoint in which all healing items have disappeared. But the biggest thing of all to get introduced is crossplay.

Apex Legends Invalid Token Error

Crossplay in Apex Legends is currently in its beta stage. This is because Respawn first wants to test out whether it works properly or not. However, while some players are enjoying the game without any problems, there are others who are continuously being met with a new error. As per multiple reports, Apex Legends PS4 players are currently facing the “connection rejected: invalid_token” error that is not letting them go in the lobby.

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Since the Aftermarket Collection event went live, there have been reports from players in the US, Canada, South Africa, and a few more countries about this error. Some players even claimed that they have gone days without playing the game because of this very error. While Respawn is yet to fully fix this issue, EA’s Community Manager did confirm that they are aware of this issue.

Quick Fix For Invalid Token Error

One player from South Africa did find a quick fix for it. It is yet to be confirmed whether it works for other regions or not. As per the user, the problem is with the routers and not the game itself. Here’s what you should do:

  • Access your router’s settings.
  • Go to settings and from there visit profile management.
  • Then create a new profile and set it’s APN to “unrestricted.”

This worked for the user who shared these instructions and he even mentioned that he played three games in a row after it without any problems. Despite this, Respawn still should work on this issue as quickly as possible because a lot of players are unable to play their favorite battle royale.

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