Apex Legends Players Might See Arena Mode Soon

 Apex Legends Players Might See Arena Mode Soon

Apex Legends players are sure in for a treat as they might get to see a really amazing mode soon. That’s right, it was recently discovered by data miners that Respawn Entertainment might be planning to add a new game mode to their battle royale soon. In fact, it is currently believed to go live in Season 7.

Respawn usually stays silent about what they are planning to introduce. In fact, they don’t even properly reveal what’s coming unless there are only a few days to it. This is why we mainly have to rely on data miners who discover upcoming content through the game’s files. At times, the content they discover never makes it to the game, but most of it does.

Apex Legends Arena Mode

Recently, Respawn introduced a new update to the game which added the Aftermarket Collection event that features multiple new skins and a new game mode. But what some players don’t know is that these updates often end up slipping new information into the game, something that can be discovered by data miners. On October 13, Shrugtal decided to do some digging on his own and he was able to discover something really interesting.

As per the data miner, he discovered multiple codes which indicated that a new “Arena” mode will soon make its way to the game. He claimed that the code was added to Apex Legends through the 6.1 patch. Shrugtal further added that the strings for “arenas_mode” are currently set to false. This primarily means that the developers will set it to “true” or “on” in the future.

Is This The Team Deathmatch Mode?

Now, we know that Respawn Entertainment is working on a new game mode. However, we currently don’t know exactly what it is going to be. Judging from its name, it appears as if the developers are planning to choose a specific location for the mode instead of the whole map. Who knows, maybe Respawn is planning to add the Team Deathmatch mode but with a changed name.

Apex Legends

A Team Deathmatch mode is something that players have demanded since the game’s release. Respawn hasn’t talked a lot about it, this is why players are always curious about when it will arrive. Apex Legends Season 7 is also a few weeks away, and Respawn might be planning to finally introduce this new mode during it. If they actually do, then the game will become more enjoyable for sure.

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