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Apex Legends – New Teaser Gives Us A Closer Look At Horizon

Apex Legends players are always eagerly waiting for a new season to arrive. This is because Respawn Entertainment introduces a plethora of content alongside it. A few months back, we got to enjoy the sixth season, and the seventh will go live in about a month. While everyone is waiting for Apex Legends Season 7 to go live, Respawn has already started building up hype for it.

Respawn has a habit of introducing multiple in-game teasers before the launch of a new season to give players a hint about what they can expect to see. The thing which leaves most players excited is a new Legend. Although data miners once leaked a list of around one dozen unreleased Legends, the developers only add one per season. So far, we have seen a total of six new Legends, with a seventh one arriving soon.

Apex Legends In-Game Teaser for Horizon

Recently, the devs placed a large monitor in the Firing Range. As soon as it was introduced, many players knew that it is linked to Season 7. And as expected, it actually is. The screen served as a means of communication between us and an unknown personality that assigned various challenges. And after completing all of them, we finally get introduced to Dr. Mary Somers. In other words, Horizon.

For those who don’t know, Horizon is believed to be the next character of Apex Legends. She was leaked by data miners a while ago, and everyone has been waiting for her to arrive since then. Even in the video, Horizon mentioned that she will be seeing us “real soon,” which further confirms her arrival. In addition to this, it also seems as Horizon and her team are going to do something big when they arrive.

Apex Legends

At the moment, we are yet to find out about the abilities of Horizon. So it is too early to say whether she’ll be an offensive or defensive Legend. Respawn also kind of teased her in the Apex Legends Championship Edition trailer. In the end, Mirage accidentally said half of her name, and a blurred figure also made an appearance. Everyone currently thinks that this blurred figure was actually Horizon. One thing to keep in mind here is that anything can happen from this point onwards. Respawn has always left their fans surprised, and we might even get to see some other Legend.

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