Apex Legends Job Listing Reveals Update On Mobile Version

 Apex Legends Job Listing Reveals Update On Mobile Version

Last year, Respawn Entertainment confirmed that Apex Legends will come to mobile. This wasn’t surprising considering we have already seen how successful the mobile versions of PUBG and Fortnite have been. However, the developers didn’t provide any release date at that time. They don’t even talk a lot about it during their live streams, because of why we have to rely on information that is found by data miners. And now, a set of job listings at Respawn Entertainment have given us an update on the mobile version.

Apex Legends Mobile Version Update

At the moment, we currently don’t know how much longer we will have to see the mobile version of Apex Legends. We don’t even know how far it is in development. While Respawn is yet to give us an update on it, their newest job listings hint that the game is still in its early stages. The first job listing is for a “Senior Game Designer.” As per the listing, Respawn is looking for someone who will “lead the design vision for one of our unannounced mobile games.” While the description didn’t mention Apex Legends, it was in its category.

Apex Legends

The second job listing is for a “Senior Technical Analyst” whose job will be to work directly with the Apex Legends mobile team and its partners. The person should be able to provide the team with insights regarding how they can make the mobile version more fun for players. Both job listings have once again confirmed the mobile version of Apex, but at the same time have indicated that its release date is still far. Other than these two, there were a few more job listings for the main version of the game.

The Struggle

Apex Legends went through many ups and downs a few months after its release. The game’s viewership started to decrease on Twitch, and a lot of players stopped playing it. Most of them claimed that there wasn’t enough variety left in the game. However, the developers then worked day and night, something which helped them with improving the game’s state. They added a lot of content through different seasons, and we’re currently on the sixth one. Once the mobile version comes out, we can expect to see an increase in both its player count and popularity. However, we are yet to see how much different the mobile version is going to be from the main one.

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