Apex Legends Horizon Possible Abilities

 Apex Legends Horizon Possible Abilities

Just like all the previous seasons, Apex Legends Season 7 is going to bring a new character on board. The developers have a habit of adding only one new Legend per season, which is why players are always excited to see who it is going to be. Surprisingly, Respawn has kind of reveal the next Legend a little too earlier.

Apex Legends Season 7 Character

The developers usually start releasing in-game teasers about a new Legend a few days before its launch. But thanks to data miners, we always get to see the next one thanks to the leaked information. However, this time, Respawn decided to surprise everyone by giving us our first look at the new Legend weeks before the launch of Season 7.

Apex Legends

A few days back, the Firing Range served as the first in-game teaser for the next character. Players were asked to do a set of challenges. After their completion, they got to see Horizon who seemingly revealed that she will be joining us in the Apex Games soon. But while we have our first look at her, it is yet to be revealed what her abilities are going to be. Thankfully, for this purpose, we can rely on data miners.

Horizon’s Abilities

Shrugtal is the data miner who did some digging in the game’s files and discovered Horizon’s abilities for us. Keep in mind that Respawn can make changes to these abilities before her release.

Horizon’s Passive ability is called Soft Landing through which she can avoid fall stuns and gains some kind of buff upon landing. Her Tactical is called Gravity Lift which elevates the player near the point of contact. As for her Ultimate ability, it’s called Black Hole and as its name suggests, it sucks the enemies in and deals damage to them.

Her Backstory

At the moment, we are yet to find out exactly why is Horizon joining the Apex Games. We all know that every Legend in Apex has an amazing backstory that pushed him/her to join the battle. Most of the time, Respawn tells us more about a Legend through a short animated video that is posted on their YouTube channel. We can expect the same to happen with Horizon, but we won’t see it until the next season is near.

Apex Legends Season 7 is currently expected to go live in the second week of November. Players are also waiting to see if the next season will introduce a new map or just some regular map changes.

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