Apex Legends Data Miner Leaks Season 7 Skins

 Apex Legends Data Miner Leaks Season 7 Skins

In Apex Legends, you get the luxury to customize your weapons and characters by using skins. Some of these skins can be directly purchased from the in-game store, while you can also find them in loot boxes. Since the game’s release, Respawn has added a lot of new ones, with some arriving during limited-time events. And now, a popular data-miner has managed to leak some skins from the upcoming season.

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Now that we’re approaching Apex Legends Season 7, players are currently wondering what it will feature. At the moment, Respawn is yet to provide us an update on it regarding what we’ll see. This is why we currently have to rely on data miners who are trying their best to leak as much as they can.

Apex Legends Season 7 Skins

Recently, data miners who go by the name Shrugtal and Biast12 decided to do some digging in the game’s files. Both of them are considered as some of the top Apex Legends data miners. Fortunately, they managed to get their hands on some exciting new skins that will make their way to the game in Season 7.

To begin with, Shrugtal found a character skin for Wraith. He was unable to find skins for other characters. As per Shrugtal, the leaked skin for Wraith that features a purple and gold theme is most likely going to be a Battle Pass version. Furthermore, he found two skins belonging to Hemlok and Longbow respectively. These skins are also most likely going to be the battle pass.

Apex Legends Season 7 Name

The name of the upcoming season has also been possibly leaked. Shrugtal found these files with the “Ascension” tag, which might be the name of Apex Legends Season 7. Biast12, on the other hand, was successful in discovering two sets of weapon charms that will arrive in the next season. Both sets are in Origami style, with one featuring the Leviathans, and the other one based on Prowlers.

At the moment, we are yet to find out what other cosmetic items we’ll be seeing in Apex Legends Season 7. These are just a few skins of the many that will arrive. We are also yet to see whether Respawn is going to introduce a new map this time or not. Players were expecting this to happen in Season 6, but all we got were some map changes. All we can do is wait and see what the developers have in mind for their battle royale.

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