Apex Legends Aftermarket Collection Event Patch Notes Revealed

 Apex Legends Aftermarket Collection Event Patch Notes Revealed

Finally, after weeks of waiting, Respawn Entertainment has finally revealed the patch notes for the Aftermarket Collection event coming to Apex Legends. For those who don’t know, this event was once leaked by data miners who found out that it will be bringing crossplay to the game. However, at that time, no one could figure out its release date. Even one of the leaked release dates turned out to be wrong. But now, everything is finally here.

Apex Legends Aftermarket Collection Event

The thing about this new Collection event is that is the first major event for Season 6. This means that you will be seeing a lot of new content once it goes live. These include some new cosmetic items along with a new Limited Time Mode. Furthermore, the much-awaited crossplay feature is also coming, but in its beta form.

Crossplay Is Coming

To begin with, the crossplay feature is finally arriving through the update. This was one of the most requested features and players were eager to see it since the game’s launch. At the moment, the feature will be in its beta stage. This is because Respawn first wants to test out whether it works properly or not. Based on the feedback they receive, the developers will decide whether they should keep it permanently or not. This is good considering they cannot afford to keep anything that has a negative effect on the game’s health.

Apex Legends

The crossplay feature will be enabled by default. Players on PS4, Xbox One, and Origin can pair up with each other. Once the Steam version comes out, it’ll get added to the list as well. In addition to this, those who want to stay away from crossplay can simply turn it off by going to the settings.

Flashpoint LTM

As for the new Limited Time Mode, its called Flashpoint and it will once again put players in the world of Kings Canyon. The major point about this mode is that there won’t be any healing items and you will have to rely on Flash Points for healing purposes. These Flash Points will appear as dots on the map and they will regenerate the health and shields of anyone inside them. However, considering they are going to be the only way to survive, you will most likely have to battle a few enemies to clear a point. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the circle will never stop closing in this mode. Therefore, you must be really careful about your movement.

New Cosmetic Items

Just like the previous events, the Aftermarket Collection event is also bringing tons of new skins to the game. To be exact, a total of 24 new cosmetic items will become available after the event goes live. These items will be available for purchase through the in-game store. Furthermore, the event is going to feature its very own Prize Tracker. This will basically allow you to get your hands on a few cosmetic items by completing different challenges.

Caustic’s Heirloom

Caustic fans are sure in for a treat as they’ll finally get to see the Heirloom for the mad scientist. No one saw it coming and I must say, it looks pretty amazing. The Heirloom is basically a huge hammer, with Caustic’s face being present on its back. Personally, I think its better than most of the other Heirlooms. Also, if you’re struggling to get your hands on a set of Heirlooms, then make sure to check out how you can get them quickly.

Apex Legends

Other Changes

Other than the above-mentioned things, Respawn has also made various changes to Legends, weapons, and the overall game. For instance, Bloodhound’s tactical ability will now cool down in 8 seconds instead of 6 seconds while using the Ultimate. This has been done because Respawn believes the hunter became too overpowered. Pathfinder’s Grapple will also now cooldown based on the distance traveled. As for weapons, the hipfire speed of the Devotion at the base level has been increased along with its spread. The fire rate of triple take has been reduced from 1.4 to 1.3.

These were some changes that are coming to Apex Legends through the Aftermarket Collection event. You can visit EA’s official website to read the full patch notes.

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