Warzone Players Will Soon Get To See A Mobile Version

 Warzone Players Will Soon Get To See A Mobile Version

Warzone has turned out to be a success in the Call of Duty series. In fact, it has managed to become one of the biggest games for Activision. Since the game’s release in March 2020, it has managed to attract the attention of millions of players from all over the world. This is something that has made it one of the top battle royales out there. And now, it seems like Activision is planning to further boost its popularity by bringing the game on yet another platform.

We have already seen in the past few years how much mobile gaming has grown. This is mostly due to PUBG Mobile, a game that increased the number of mobile gamers worldwide. Since PUBG Mobile’s release, many other developers have tried to introduce similar projects, but most of them have failed miserably. Now, as per a recent job listing, it seems like Activision is planning to join the train too.

Warzone Mobile Version Confirmed

The job listing was actually posted on Activision’s official website one day ago and it is for an “Executive Producer, Features” for “WZM.” For those who don’t know, this stands for Warzone Mobile. The entire job listing hints towards a mobile version of the game and even mentions a new AAA mobile FPS for the Call of Duty series. As per the listing, the required candidate will have to bring all of the important features from the Console and PC version of Warzone into the mobile version. This means that Activision is really serious about it considering they want players to have a similar experience on the handheld version.


At the moment, players are getting the Call of Duty battle royale experience through the Mobile App which was released back in October 2019. The Call of Duty: Mobile App is free for everyone to download, and it offers the ultimate battle royale experience for mobile players. But since Activision is now focusing solely on the mobile version of Warzone, players will be getting a much better mobile battle royale experience.

We have already seen how games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite have gotten success through their respective mobile versions. Even Respawn Entertainment is planning to bring Apex Legends to mobiles soon. At the moment, we are yet to find out when we’ll get to see the mobile version of Warzone. But since the developers are currently looking for someone who can make it, we should expect it to come out before next year’s end. In any case, we’ll be looking forward to seeing how the mobile version turns out to be.

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